Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads Review 2018

The Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads (also known as Body Champ IT9120 Inversion Table) is another incomparable product of Body Flex Sports, a trusted name for more than 20 years in manufacturing health equipment products such as treadmills and exercise bikes. Released as an upgraded version of to the traditional style of Body Champ inversion tables, this product serves as a fast relief to people who suffer from chronic back pain, or an additional method of back exercise. It offers innovative design, added boost of comfort, and features that you can really get benefit from.


The unit has a comfortable nylon backboard material, which comes with an adjustable and extremely comfortable neck and waist cushioning to provide added comfort. The body is covered with smooth finish fabric and luxury embroidered stitching for long lasting use. The entire design is ideal for your regular 10-minute inversion therapy, which reduces and reverses the harmful effects of gravity. This can also help improve your posture, decompress your spinal cord, and increase blood circulation.

Key features

The inversion angles of this Body Champ inversion table are determined by gravity. The ankle locking system has a set of 4 foam covered rollers. They can be adjusted to hold your ankles steadily using the spring-loaded pin that slides up and down. Once you step onto the table, simply place your feet on the lowest bar and your ankles between the two padded holders. Pulling the pin will make the holder tighter. This feature can be enjoyed by both experts and first timers in inverting, as well.

This product offers a 140-degree inversion range, between the starting position and full inversion. The U-shaped handles on the sides are very convenient to hold while coming up to an upright position. You can also use these handles to help you lower the speed the of the pivot motion. Finally, this equipment can accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds and height of between 4’7” and 6”8”.

Assembly and storage

Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads is small enough at 57.87” x 29.92” x 22.83” (L x W x H)when assembled. The unit has simple 4-step assembly procedures through the help of the owner’s instruction manual. And because majority of the frame comes pre-assembled inside the box, final assembly may take you 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can assemble it by yourself, but asking for assistance is recommended. Nonetheless, it would have been better if the assembly tools are also included in the package. The approximate dimensions of the folded version are 78” x 27” x 13” (L x W x H). Unfortunately, this is quite big and might not fit under your bed. Nevertheless, you can also store it behind your door. To make the folded size smaller, simply detach the pivoting backrest from the frame.

General safety features

Safety is a major concern when inverting. This Body Champ inversion therapy table is balanced and does not wobble, preventing you to fall which can cause injuries. The safety lock ensures the safety of small children once they accidentally try to open the table. In addition, the unit has a safety bar that you can set in 2 positions to limit the maximum inversion angle. On the other hand, the adjustable safety strap allows you to set the desired exact maximum angle according to your personal preference. Likewise, the safety rails add security and peace of mind while you are inverting.


Very affordable
Durable, has sleek design
Has a very stable base and body
4 rubber foot stoppers, preventing the table to move
Lightweight, easy to assemble
Compact, easy to move
Convenient to use
Easy-to-operate ankle locking system
Packed with tons of safety features


Folded unit needs huge space of storage
No assembly tools included, you need to buy them
Ankle holder pads not thick enough, poses slight discomfort at more extreme inversion angles
No lumbar support, you might need a small pillow

Body Flex Sports offers a 1-year frame, and 90-days parts warranty which protects you once you buy this product. Body Champ IT9120 is without a doubt one of the cheapest inversion table in the market today. In most cases, cheap brands are assumed to be of low quality and easy to worn out. But this product is an exemption to the rule. The pros are overwhelming, and the cons are tolerable. The features are great for a low-price inversion therapy table. Definitely, you don’t need to think twice when buying this inversion therapy table.