Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine Review 2018

Are you looking for a workout machine to lose weight? Do you wish to attain a slim and trim body? If the answer is yes, consider purchasing the Bio Quake X550 dualS motor mini wholeS body vibration platformSmachine. This review will give a brief overview why this machine is getting more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Product features

Loaded with features as well as power the X550 by Bio Quake provides you a professional vibration plate sensation at an incredibly affordable price. This top quality machine includes a 300-watt oscillation motor along with a 500-watt motor(linear) for a complete body exercise. To make the vibration routines personalized, the machine arrives pre-programmed with 3 regular sessions and features 3 user programmable options for your creations in addition to a manual mode.

It is possible to decrease or increase the intensity at any time by altering the 60 vibration speeds or 60 oscillation speeds with the integrated multi-function remote device. The X550 could suit any sized end user (up to about 265-pounds) with a 20″ broad plate as well as 2 incorporated isometric straps for extra stability with upper-body training. This device is really strong with a sturdy steel frame as well as an appealing, high-gloss cover and has non-marring, anti-slip rubber feet.

This professionally built unit is CE authorized and includes a regular US 3-prong secured power cord. The device arrives completely assembled and offers a variety of frequencies around 30 Hz generating a G-force rating as much as 18.1G and includes an extensive user guide with exercise recommendations.



The biggest benefit of the Bio Quake X550 vibration platform machine is it delivers results. No matter your body condition and age, you are sure to derive fruitful results by using this workout machine. Whether you are a weight loss amateur or a professional trainer, the device is suitable to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Another interesting benefit is the machine is highly durable. With little care, you can enjoy its services for many years. Above all, the machine comes with a smaller price tag. If you compare the price of the machine with other fitness machines, you will find that you can own this amazing machine for a fraction of the cost of other machines.


There are no cons of buying this incredibly useful device.

Customer opinions

Whether it is pricing or features, people are happy to buy this product. Those who have bought the device are reaping positive benefits and suggesting the machine to their references and associates.

Deals and discounts

It is possible to buy this workout machine from many online outlets. However, buying the product from Amazon is a better bet for many reasons. First of all, you could get the product delivered to your place free of cost on time as Amazon ensures on time delivery to end users. Above all, you could save about 75 percent of the cost of the machine because Amazon has listed this product for sale at a really low price.

Closing words

Carrying extra weight can be a chore. However, it is possible to get rid of obesity by doing intense exercises with a reliable workout device such as the Bio Quake X550 dual motor mini whole body vibration platform machine.