Best Rowing Machines Review 2018

Rowing machine offers benefits of cardio workouts which largely contribute to physical fitness. It targets all the major muscle groups to provide the effective outcomes of toning and strengthening your muscles. There are several models of rowing machines that have been manufactured in the fitness market today. However, choosing the best machine can be a daunting task. Hence, some of the top 5 rowing machines have been listed below.

1.Concept2 Model DT

Due to its performance, this model from Concept2 has become one of the fast selling workout machines. This is an indoor rowing machine that enhances your fitness level and also tones your muscles effectively. The best features have been mentioned below.

  • Flywheel pattern decreases noise and offers a soft feel
  • Inclusive of Monitor5 for accurate workout
  • Seat height measures 14 inches and has an adjustable ergonomic handle and foot rests
  • Easy to dissemble for storage with frame warranty of 5 years

2.Water Rower with S4 Monitor

This model has been handcrafted from ash wood with honey oak s4 shade finishing. The natural rowing machine has been designed specifically so as to ensure that it performs effectively and offers best rowing benefits to users.

  • The water flywheel feature gives the feeling of real rowing
  • Series 4 monitor tracks heart rate, stroke rate and workout intensity
  • The solid ash construction helps to absorb vibration and sound
  • Can be stored upright and 5 years of warranty on the frame

3.Bowflex Home Gym PR1000

This model from Bowflex is an ideal way to incorporate cardio training in your workout and has an inbuilt rowing machine to strengthen your muscles. It helps in working on your abs, shoulders, lower body, chest, and arms.

  • Complete body workout with a rail for rowing machine
  • More than 30 different exercises can be performed
  • Inclusive of lat pull down and horizontal bench press
  • One year warranty on the frame

4.Stamina Rowing Machine 105 Body Trac Glider

When you use this indoor rowing machine from Stamina, you can be stamina rest assured that all major muscle groups are utilized efficiently while rowing. The workout level can be changed easily through adjustments. Some of the features of this model include:

  • An indoor rowing machine that comes with a compact footprint
  • Monitors the count of calories burned, stroke count and displays time
  • Made of steel frame that keeps it sturdy and durable
  • Easily foldable for storage

5.Sunny Fitness Rowing Machine

When you buy this model from Sunny Fitness and Health, you will be offered a complete body workout in addition to low impact workouts. The main objective of this company is to provide excellence and hence you can expect best health benefits while rowing. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Adjustable resistance up to 12 levels
  • Smooth running and comfortable seat
  • Pivoted foot place for additional comfort
  • The electric monitor tracks time, calories burned, total count, and more

Thus, these are some of the top models of rowing machine that offers total body workout and muscle strengthening benefits.