Best Rated 13 Cordless Drills – Makita LXT211 Reviews 2018

Continuing with the company’s tradition of making reliable high performance equipment, the LXT211 combo kit offers high quality cordless tools that can be adapted to a wide range of applications some of which include plumbing, woodworking and remodeling. Backed by two high yield lithium ion batteries, the LXT 211 is a suitable choice for most high performance projects.


Efficient Battery: Extend your working time with the energy efficient LXT lithium ion battery. The company specifications describe it as having 430% more life time compared to other batteries within its class. The lithium ion battery can be charged in 30 minutes or less using the company’s Rapid optimum charger—which is included with the kit.

Performance: The BHP452Z is capable of delivering 0 to 22,500 Blows per Minute (BPM) at high speeds and 0 to 6000 BPM at low speeds. The former is a useful feature for projects involving concrete. The battery is held in place with 16 contact terminals—optimizing the power and preventing displacements from vibration.

Lightweight driver: Weighing 3.3 lbs., the ½ inch driver is easy to work with. Its compact design reduces the strain that may develop during prolonged projects. The drill driver weighs 4.2 pounds and is only 8 inches long. It boasts an ergonomic shape which creates a comfortable fit and provides enhanced flexibility.

Design: Both tools are manufactured out of high quality steel designed to withstand the high temperatures that arise during drilling. They are manufactured with a built in LED point that provides illumination during tight projects. The BTD141Z also comes with an added luminous bumper ring which makes it easy to locate in the dark. Bits can easily be changed and inserted with one hand.

Versatile function: The tools provide flexible workspace function. The ½ inch hammer drill is designed with a 4 pole torque motor capable of delivering a maximum torque of 450 inches/pound. You can switch easily between the modes of ‘driver’ and ‘hammer drill’ using its shift lock drive system. With the cordless BTD141Z driver, you get a 4 pole motor with a torque output of 1330 in/lbs. and 2300 RPM.

Battery Performance: The LXT211 is accompanied by two 18v Lithium Ion batteries which offer 250% more cycles. They can be charged in 30 minutes using Makita’s proprietary charger. During the charge, the battery is kept at the right temperature by a regulating fan.

The 12 volt lithium ion charger is capable of charging LXT batteries in 30 minutes and compact batteries in 15 minutes. Batteries remain protected by a built in shock absorber as well as processing chip with a surge protective function.