DEWALT DCD760KL Cordless Drill Review 2018

The box contains a NiCad charger, two compact lithium ion batteries and a heavy duty box. It’s balanced weight and compact length (8.2 inch) reduces the cumulative strain that may develop with prolonged use. It delivers 350w of power which though suitable for most tasks is 10% less than the average drill in its class. It delivers enough power from light to medium application and can be conveniently clipped by your side when not in use.


Performance: The DCD 760KL offers high power to weight ratio when compared to other tools. When compared to other drills in its voltage class, it is ranked in the top 45%. Capable of achieving speeds as high as 1700RPM, it is 10% faster than most drills in its class and is grouped among the top 25% 18 volt cordless drills when rated for speed.

Durable Batteries: Get more out of your power tool. The DEWALT DCD760KL is equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries that offer long battery life. Lighter than Nicad batteries, they are compatible with all the DEWALT 18-volt power tools that have been manufactured since 1996. The batteries are not accompanied with a fuel gauge. They can however be fully charged in 30 minute, increasing your uptime at work. The drill performs with the same intensity and then stops once the battery has been drained.

Twin Speed Range: Increase your versatility by alternating between speed ranges of 0 to 500rpm and 0 to 1700 rpm. The DEWALT DCD760KL is equipped with 17 different clutch setting allowing you to adapt it to the needs of the job.

Better Control: The DEWALT DCD760KL is equipped with a functional LED work light allowing you to illuminate your drilling area especially during projects involving tight spaces with reduced or no visibility. Its 8.2 inch length makes it a suitable choice for tight projects such as beneath the sink. It also features a motor brake which gives you better control over your drilling.

Design: Weighing only 4 pounds, the lightweight design of the DEWALT DCD760KL reduces the strain on your hands, allowing you to work for longer periods with greater precision. This allows you maintain the quality of your work. It is considered to be 20% lighter than other 18 volt cordless drills it its class.

Warranty: Remain protected. The DCD 760KL is backed by a limited three year warranty that protects the tool against damage caused by faulty materials. The drill driver is also accompanied by a two year free service contract on its lithium ion batteries.


The DCD 760KL is ideally suited for drilling in tight enclosures where its compact size is at an advantage.