The Ultimate Review of the Best Laser Level 2018

We are going to show you some hot picks for best laser level. This is our top 10 list for 2018. You will get the most of your investment if you follow the advice we have put together for you. We have done an extensive research to compare all brands and models. If this is a new market for you, the best is to be sure what you are getting before you make up your mind.

Four steps to getting a laser level:

1. Choose between straight line and rotary laser level options.

2.Look at a reputable brand and site before you buy it. Some of the most reliable brands are Dewalt and Bosh.

3.When checking reviews, go for the lowest rates (3 stars and below). That way you will be an acquaintance of the limitations of the product.

4.You can get directly to Amazon for shopping. Use the Check Amazon Price” option or the “Shop Amazon” button.

A Laser Level can help you in your “Do it Yourself” project. There are many ways you can use it. If you already know how to use them, then go straight to the specification of the Laser Level you are thinking of. Check our list, and you will find your fit immediately. If not, here are some tips and tricks to use a Laser Level and improve your work.

Bosch GLL3-80Dewalt 089KPLS-180Dewalt 088K
Bosch GCL-25

Range: 265 ftRange: 165 ftRange: 200 ft
Range: 100 ft
Range: 100 ft
Accuracy: +/- 1/4" at 100 ftAccuracy:
+/- 1/8" at 30 ft
+/- 1/8" at 30 ft
+/- 1/8" at 30 ft

Warranty: 3 Year
Accuracy: Not Specified
Weight: 5 lbsWeight: 4.6 lbs
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Weight: 1.0 lb
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Battery life: Not SpecifiedBattery life: 30 hrs
Battery life: 30 hrs
Battery life: Not Specified
Battery life: 5 hrs
Warranty: 1 YearWarranty: 3 YearWarranty: 3 YearWarranty: 3 YearWarranty: 1 Year

PLS - 4
Bosch GPL-5PLS-5Bosch GTL-3
Bosch GTL-2
Range: 100 ft
Range: Not Specified
Range: 250 ft

Range: Not Specified
Range: 30 ft
Accuracy: +/- 1/8" at 30 ft
Accuracy: +/- 1/4" at 100 ft
Accuracy: +/- 1/8" at 100 ft

Accuracy: +/- 1/16" at 20 ft
+/- 1/2" at 30 ft
Weight: 3.0 lbs
Weight: 1.6 lbs

Weight: 4.9 lbs
Weight: Not Specified
Weight: 3 lbs
Battery life: 25 hrs
Battery life: Not Specified

Battery life: 30 hrs
Battery life: Not Specified
Battery life: Not Specified
Warranty: 3 YearWarranty: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 YearWarranty: 1 YearWarranty: Not Specified

Why is it Important to get the Best Laser Level

If you are engaged in construction, then a Laser Level is one of the musts have tools. To do it right, you must have a perfect alignment on your construction. A Laser Level will give you the chance to look for perfection. It is more precise than the traditional spirit level, or mere human sight. However, any Laser Level is not right. You must get the best tool for the kind of work you do.

Each Laser Level has a particular purpose, and they are suitable for different kind of jobs. When you need a high level of accuracy, then you need a Laser Level of the highest quality. Other cases are for small jobs, and there is a Laser Level for that sort of cases too. There are standard errors when using a Laser Level, and we will expose them so that you learn from others mistakes.

The Significance of Accuracy

Accuracy will make your Laser Level safe. Laser Levels of the highest quality can go to an accuracy as good as ±1.5X m @30 m. However, you must not go this high for all cases. Something good is ±3X m. By going below this point, quality will suffer. If you go higher from this point, then you will gain precision.

The Beam: Bright and Visible

The beam must be bright and visible so that you can get a clear sight of it. The laser levels project a light beam. It is meant to level all elements, and keep them completely aligned. When the beam is not easily seen, then it is pointless to have a Laser Level. The most common light beams are red. However, when you are working in indoor environments, it is better to have a green beam. It will be seen easier if you compare it to the red beam. Brightness will have a significant role under high light conditions or during the day for outdoor uses. The best is to have a very high intensity. The best lasers are seen even in daylight or with a normally illuminated venue.

Battery Life

Battery life is an issue with Laser Levels. Most great products suck power fast. Then, when you need extensive use from your Laser Level, it is common to interrupt works because of the battery life. Most Rotary Laser Levels have this kind of issues. Fortunately, some manufacturers have improved their systems so that power is not so highly consumed. Batteries last more because they work more efficiently. With a longer battery life, multiple jobs are uninterrupted and completed faster. It is also good to save money on batteries. Some Laser Levels have a recharging battery option, but some others use standard batteries which need to be often changed.

The Maximum Coverage Range

The maximum coverage range is the limit in which you can project the laser beam. Depending on the job you are engaged on, you should choose a different laser level. At a minimum, it should cover completely the area you need to check for levelling. When you are engaged on an indoor job, the maximum coverage is covered by practically any Laser Level. However, when you go to an outside job, coverage becomes more important. Check this specification before you make up your mind with a particular Laser Level Model.

The Speed for Rotating

If you make use of the rotating functions of a Laser Level, you must be careful width the speed for rotating. According to your needs, a different speed is best. It is not common to find different speed options, but they exist. The best choice is to be able to select the speed of rotation. The advantage of such devices is to improve visibility from the laser beam. That is of particular importance when you use your laser on the outside. If the speed of the beam is high in a reduced space, it will not look precise. When you are working in a wider area, you will need a higher speed on the rotating system of your Laser Level.

Read more than the Protection Level with the IP Rating

You can read more than the protection level with the IP rating. In laser level construction, it usually is attached to quality. The IP rating is meant to tell how much time the tool can resist certain ambiance conditions. With Laser Levels, quality is determined by its resistance. It is of particular relevance for outdoor use. The IP rating is composed of a two digit number. In the case of Laser Levels, the highest rated option is IP67. It means it resists dust and even water. Such rating reflects a durable device that will last for some time.

Fast Leveling Options

There is a shortcut for leveling using an automatic function on Laser Levels. Traditionally, levels are set manually. You must attach the level to a hard surface and then make sure it is straight with some standard tools. With the automatic options, the device sets it for you, and it is the fastest way of leveling. However, such devices will cost more than manual leveling options. There are some other tools with both options. For some jobs, it is good to have the choice of a manual leveling. When you are looking for a Multipurpose Laser Level, the automatic and manual leveling option is best.

Durable Laser Levels

Breaking down laser levels is common. They can be useless if the inner part is damaged. Outdoor jobs are more prone to accidents and failures. If it falls, it can break easily. The best is to get a hard case for the laser level. You should also choose a powerfully built construction of the outer case to prevent it from breaking. Rotatory Laser Levels pose the highest risk. They break easily, and you must look for strong connections because that is the first point of failure. If you find a device resistant to dust and water, then it will go through the worse conditions.

Ease of Installation and Use

Some of the Laser Levels with most functions are complicated to use. You can spend a lot of time just setting the installation. Avoid that kind of tools and go for the simplest way to assemble tools. There are many options easy to install. You will notice before buying because they have dedicated buttons and a digital display for feedback. Even your first time, you should be able to use it intuitively with minimum instructions. Those are the best laser levels because you will not have the instructions at hand all the time.

Mounting Thread Options

To have mounting thread options for your laser level is important. If you can mount it in a wide variety of ways, then you can make the most of it. Your laser level will be useful under different work conditions, and various applications. The most common laser level mounts include rails and walls. Some of the rarest options are tripods, but they have proved to be very useful, particularly in external use. You must look for Laser Levels with the most mounting options. Such versatility will help you to get the job done easily.


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