Best Inversion Table Review 2018

Inversion Table Summary

Inversion tables have been around since the 80’s but they have been gaining popularity only in the last few years. While the benefits of inversion therapy have been known for some time, users needed equipment that is tested to high standards for comfort and safety. Today there are excellent brands that offer high-end inversion tables with sophisticated features; users can be assured that they are buying inversion devices that are efficient, safe and very comfortable to use. Most inversion tables are designed with ease-of-use and effectiveness in mind. Majority of inversion table brands build tables that serve dual purposes: to reap the wonderful benefits on inversion therapy — decompress and relieve pressure from the spine and joints — and for strengthening the core muscles. Training the core muscles is very important to keep the body strong and maintain stamina. Some tables allow users to isolate core muscles and offer challenging AB crunches.

Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables

Teeter Hang Ups brand is the industry leader in designing and creating high quality inversion tables. The company has been around since the 80’s and has been developing and improving their products to provide users with the ultimate inversion experience. It has over 25 products created for clinical, commercial and home markets. Teeter Hang Ups is the only company that produces certified products; the inversion tables comply with the new UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.) 1647 safety standards. The UL Inc. introduced the certification requirement and safety testing to ensure endurance and strength of the inversion tables. Safety is a major concern when one is hanging upside down from the feet/ankle as part of an exercise regimen or body therapy. The Teeter products stand apart from other tables in the market. This also explains the hefty price tag compared to other basic inversion tables in the market.

The latest creations of Teeter include the EP-550, EP-560, EP-950 and EP-960. All four have sturdy and strong frame that allows user weight of up to 300 pounds. The tables can also accommodate user height of up to 6’6”. The 550 and 960 series are relatively lighter in weight compared to 560 and 950, which means they can be moved around more easily; a heavy frame however means more stability while inverting. The 550 and 950 series feature the patented Flex technology; the backrest flexes with the user and offers maximal spinal comfort.

Ironman Series

The ironman Gravity Series include inversion tables of more affordable prices. The brand has an excellent reputation in the inversion table industry. It offers top class inversion tables. Most products are created with special focus on inversion therapy. Their newest creations include the Gravity 1000, Gravity 2000 and Gravity 4000. They all have strong and sturdy built with Gravity 4000 —built with heavy duty steel frame— supporting user weight of up to 350 pounds, which is unusual for a basic inversion table. The Gravity 1000 is the lightest of the three (46 lbs.).

The Ironman IFT series are slightly more expensive and offer high-end features. The Ironman ATIS series are created with a focus on abdominal muscles training. Users find the core muscle training on Ironman IFT more effective than bench training.

Health Mark Pro

Health Mark is another excellent brand that builds inversion tables for both inversion therapy and core muscle training. The Health Pro Max inversion table is one of a kind in the market. It is the only table that allows user weight of up to 600 pounds.

There is a wide range of inversion tables in the market to suit an individual’s need and budget. Beginners are usually just looking for inversion tables that can offer relieve from back pain. Athletes may prefer more sophisticated products.