The Best Grinder for Herb, Weed, and Marijuana in 2018

The Best Grinder for Herb, Weed, and Marijuana

Are you looking for a safe, durable perfect functional grinder for your herbs? Well, you are at the right place. Choosing an herb grinder that is non-toxic and that perfectly performs your grinding functions can be a little bit of a tricky affair. This will no longer be a tough call as this post will guide you through your search: what exactly you should look for and how to identify the best herb grinders in the market. 

Grinders sold at head shops or gas stations can be very deceptive: they are very cheap in price but awfully dangerous. It is therefore advisable to search online for your preferred grinder. Online shops not only give you various options to choose from, but also give you the grinder at a far much better price. 

The following questions will be satisfactorily answered as we take a deep exploration of The Best Grinders for Herb, Weed, and Marijuana in 2017. What is a grinder? The common features of the best available grinders, the best three grinders currently available in the market and the features to avoid when choosing a grinder. 

Definition of a weed grinder

Made of metal, wood or acrylic and a single to three compartments; a weed grinder is simply defined as a small machine that has teeth used to grind small products as well as tobacco, marijuana and herbs. It is the reason why it is also commonly referred to as a cannabis/marijuana/herb grinder. 

Scissors and fingers were initially used for grinding before the grinder came into the picture. They were deemed highly inefficient as they left the weed smelling on your hands. Improvements on grinders for herbs have gone a long way to not only make them great tools that are stylish but also great for the lovers of weed, and of course herbs.

Factors to consider during the evaluation of the best quality for an herb grinder

When shopping for an herb grinder, a number of things should be deeply looked into:

· Lid magnets

· The number of pieces in the grinder

· What material the grinder is made of

· The number of teeth the grinder has

· The shape of the grinder teeth

· What other extra features the grinder has

These among other not mentioned features are the main points that will guide you to determine the best grinder for your herbs. A closer look into each and every one of them will provide you with a much needed comparison and verdict on which of the 3 herb grinders is the best and why.

The one, two and three compartment grinders: what are the differences among the three?

The one compartment herb grinders

Also referred to as 2 piece grinders, they only have a single compartment where everything takes place. The herb is placed here, grounded and even retrieved in this compartment. 


Retrieval of the herb from a single compartment after the process of grounding is difficult. This is because the teeth are placed in your way.

Inconsistency: the ground herb is not of the same size.

Two compartment herb grinders

They are same as the three piece grinders. They have a similar compartment for grinding as the one for the single compartment herb grinders.

Small holes in the lower part of this compartment lead to the second compartment. Here the ground herb falls. The size of the holes are in such a way that only herbs of a particular size pass through. This helps you to retrieve ground herb that is of even size unlike in the one compartment grinders.

The other advantage is that retrieval is made much easier because all the ground herbs are on the second compartment.

Three piece compartment herb grinders

They are also known as the 4 piece grinders. 

The 3 piece compartment grinders contain an extra compartment with a fine screen separating it from the second compartment.

This special feature is what distinguishes it from the 2nd compartment grinders. The third compartment is therefore specially made for the grounding of marijuana, kief or for the pollen catcher. 


Pricing of the three is variable to the number of pieces an herb grinder has. 

4-piece weed grinders will for a positive reason cost more than a three or double piece weed grinder. This is entirely due to the fact that the materials used to make it are more than the ones used on others, also the inclusion of additional features such as, the chamber that catches pollen as well as a filtering screen.

A much more expensive 4-piece herb grinder comes highly recommended as it holds the extra benefit of kief production.

The Different parts that an herb grinder is made up of

The grinder comprises of a number of parts that function exclusive from the other. They range from the teeth, grinder magnets to the holes used for passing the ground herbs. Each one of them has distinctive features that make it function as it does. 

Here’s a closer look into each one of them

The herb grinder magnets

The sole purpose for a magnet in the grinder is to keep the lid in connection with the 2nd piece. It is present in most of the best herb grinders that are available in the market today. 

The other use for this magnet is while the lid is being twisted and the herb is being ground, there is no likelihood of the lid popping off and the content being spilled.

Of high importance is the purchase of magnet that is much stronger for marijuana grinder. The recommended magnets are referred to as the Neodymium magnets. Strategically placed in the second piece and the lid, they are attractive to one another. 

Aluminum grinders for weed are non-magnetic, they therefore require double magnets.

You should be careful when installing these magnets to prevent them from carelessly popping out over time and loosening.

The teeth for the herb Grinder

· The number of teeth

In this case the more the teeth the better the herb grinder. A total of fifty teeth are ideal for a grinder with a diameter of two and a half inches. Smaller grinders will definitely require half of the above number of teeth for a weed grinder of equal size. The advantage of a grinder with more teeth is that it ensures the herbs are ground completely into a smooth powder. This in turn makes them the best for vaping not forgetting smoking.

· The shape of the teeth

The shape of the teeth for the grinder is equally crucial. Diamond shaped grinder teeth are commonly used for the best grinders made of aluminum. Although it is considered the best, square like teeth with sharp corners are also used by some specific herb grinder companies.

The pattern of holes for the grinders

A unique pattern of holes is evident in every weed grinder. The major function of these holes is allowing the passage of the ground herb through to the second compartment.

Space case is an example of the many best grinders that use the hole patterns that are circular in shape to allow a good amount of herb to pass through to the 2nd compartment.

Other different patterns of holes that can be used are: 

· Oval shaped holes- used by the Santa Cruz shredder.

· The circular hole-shaped grinders are the best and highly recommended. This is because other patterns for holes are able to let through herbs that are not ground thoroughly into the 2nd compartment.

Various grinder materials

Different materials have unique impact on the grinders. Here is a list of the materials and their effects to the grinder. 

· Grinders made of wood

Wooden grinders are only found on the single compartment grinders. This is because they need to be carved. They are naturally appealing and feel good which makes some people to prefer them solely because of this. In comparison to aluminum, making a two piece compartment grinder from wood is less advantageous. It is also impossible to get keif using an herb grinder made of wood. 

To avoid paint spilling over to your herb, it is advisable to keep the inner part of the wood unfinished. Raw wood would be the best type of wood to use.

The teeth on metal grinders are far much better compare to those in the wooden grinders. They often times are just like nails.

Without a magic flight finishing vaporizer, a wooden grinder is a big fat NO.

· Grinders made of acrylic

It is the less costly and most affordable material for herb grinders. They are a better deal especially if working on a tight budget or are completely unable to find another option for grinders.

Disadvantages of grinders made of acrylic

Acrylic particles might drop into the herb if care is not taken

They are not long lasting- the teeth of the acrylic grinders are bound to start breaking after some time of use.

No added benefit of keif- this is because the acrylic grinders are only double compartment.

Use of grinders that are made of acrylic is not recommendable because if ingested, vaporized or even smoked in the herb is quite dangerous. 

· Metallic grinders

Metal grinders are mostly aluminum made; some people say that they are also made of titanium which is most unlikely. 

Titanium is a bit costly as it goes for six dollars a pound compared to seventy five cents a pound for aluminum. It is however okay to assume that it is a coating of titanium.

Safety of aluminum

Aluminum is considered very safe to use. In fact if in case you come across any flaking of aluminum left by the manufacturer, you can just dust them off the grinders and proceed using it. 

They are therefore the best and the most recommended grinders.

The grinder designs

An individualized grinding experience is what everyone is currently looking for. A lot of varieties in terms of looks and how the grinders work are what the herb grinder companies are releasing into the current market. This is to meet the uniqueness of the customer’s preferences.

The following are the varieties for the designs of the grinders.

The ergonomic design

The absence or very minimal rivets that help to hold the grinder lid is a common itch in marijuana grinders because they are circular shaped.This has led to the introduction of provisions for your fingers to hold the grinders. They are being manufactured by some specific herb grinder companies.

The sharp shredda and chromium crusher are some distinct weed grinders with this element. 

The grinding motion is made much easier with this provision as the placement for fingers allows you to get a better and firmer grip of the grinder.

Removable filtering screens

These are noteworthy improvements that have seen the herb grinder function even better. 

Having an herb grinder screen that is removable basically means that it can easily be replaced in case of wearing out or damage; and also make the screen easy to clean. Some grinder brands have already adopted the removal screen technology.

They include:

· Compton,

· Kannastor, 

· Phoenician 

· Calicrushers’home grown line of weed grinders.

The extras

A lot of competition is very healthy for business and buyers stand to gain the most. The emergence of many companies offering the weed grinder options has seen a lot of extra developments on the same. This has in turn led to the additional value to the grinder customers.

Marijuana users have every reason to smile since this not only leaves zero dents in their budgets but also gives them an extra coin to spend on more and more weed.

These extras include:

Pollen scrapper

It is a small device, which is made of plastic and is used to remove keif from the keif catcher. It is currently an accompaniment to most of the herb grinders.

Due to their small size, they are very easy to lose. Some grinder brands have come up with easier ways to combat their loss and this is by putting a number of them in the package.

Storing one at a safe place in case you get two is a good way to avert loss of all of them and having to consider other alternatives.

Carry bags

A pouch is another feature that comes with some marijuana grinders. They are mostly made of velvet and have straps that can be drawn at the top of the carry bag. This is to secure inside the weed grinder. 

The other advantage of a carry bag is the fact that it makes the grinder easily portable and offers protection to the grinder when it is not being used.

Special packaging

The grinder comes in a customized gift box. Sharp shredda and blue tie are examples of companies that offer this special gift boxes.

The boxes are uniquely customized to represent the brand that manufactured the weed grinder. They provide you with a nice buying experience and make you feel really special.

They provide a special feeling to the client and a good buying experience.

Variety of color schemes

This is a great pleasantry to the lovers of color. A number of weed grinders are now offering a variety of exciting colors to choose from and that suits your needs. 

A wide variety of color options is notably available in weed grinder brands such as Compton SantaCruz shredder not forgetting Cali crusher. 

Available colors to choose from: 

· Yellow

· Green

· Purple

· Red  

· Blue

· Gray

· Rasta-this is a combination of a number of colors, black, yellow, green and red.


Having looked at some different factors, the following brands are rated as the three best grinders for weed herb. They are easily available and can be found anywhere ranging from local stores to online platforms. 

The following factors were put into consideration:

The number of pieces- four pieces is the number that most herb grinders that are full size come with. They include: 

A lid with teeth that is magnetized

A 2nd piece connecting the lid bearing holes and teeth

A 3rd piece for holding the ground herb has a screen sifter that is metallic.

A 4th piece that collects the keif from the grounding process.

They are all made of anodized aluminum- anodization is a non-common method of coloring aluminum without necessarily painting it. This purely makes the non-peel or chip weed and herb grinders.

The number of teeth in relation to the grinder size- a grinder with more teeth is a big win as it gives you an even and finer grind.

Note that smoking or vaporizing herb product that is well ground burns more evenly.

The recommended ratio of number of teeth to diameter size of the weed grinder is a total of fifty teeth for a weed grinder of two point five inches.

The value:

The price and quality when combined give you the value. The idea therefore was to search for the herb grinder that combined both the price and quality to emerge the top best. 

Here is a list of the best of the herb grinders with their features.


It is a top of the range two and a half inch grinder that is not very costly. It offers value for your money while providing you with the best features a grinder can give. It is made of anodized aluminum a material featured in almost all metal grinders. 

This material is what gives the black tie grinder the non-rustic and a smooth feel. It is also light in weight and has an integration of a fine pollen screen.

Features of a Black Tie Grinder

· No. of teeth and quality: it has fifty teeth in a diamond shape, which achieve a fine consistency in the herb grind.

· The end product of this grinder is considered the high-end product for vaporizers.

· Smoothness: a black tie gives an action of twisting that is the smoothest ever witnessed. This makes it the perfect choice for shredding herbs

· Thirty holes are placed strategically at the second piece to ensure smooth flow of herb to the compartment area.

· The filtering screen: a filter screen made of steel mesh for keif is present in each and every one of the herb grinders. The black tie grinder stands out over other grinders because its filter screen is fitted with an additional strong metallic piece. Other grinders use a plastic piece at the bottom.

The use of the metallic piece helps the black tie grinder to stay in place even when it is used over a long period. Also the risk of popping out is eliminated.

Available extras (Pros)

Losing your plastic pollen scraper can be very disheartening. The black tie grinder has this already covered as a double pollen scraper accompanies each and every one of their grinders to deal with the frustration.

A velvet carry bag: this pouch has drawn strings to help keep your grinder at the best shape. The herb grinder is also protected from scrape dents. 

The cost: it is less costly compared to the quality asking for only thirty dollars making it among the best priced grinders in the market.

It is a great herb grinder that can battle out with other grinders in the market and its prices are not exaggerated prices.

Introduction of the pink bow: this is specially manufactured for lady herb lovers. Their quality is just the same as the black tie grinders but have a beautiful pink color and a logo designed like a bow.

The cons of Black Tie Grinder

There is not much cons to pin point in the black tie grinder. However there is definitely some room for improvement. Grinder variations and other different sizes can be added in the future. This will go a long way to capture more customers especially those who have to look for the herb grinder from other places.


The mere mention of space case grinder in the weed grinder world evokes both powerful and positive emotions. They have been for the longest time ever the best premium herb grinders of very good quality thus making them the leaders in the market. 

They are manufactured in the United States of America giving them a high-end quality reputation.

The range of price is a little bit higher in comparison to the black tie grinder. This however does not deter this grinder from being a best seller and a great deal of positive feedback from the users.

In either black or silver colors, although there is emergence of other colors, space case grinders are also in simple but stylish designs.

Features of a space case grinder

Made of anodized aluminum, space case grinder is perfect for medical patients of marijuana and recreational smokers.

Magnets: strong neodymium magnets placed on the 2nd piece and the lid are found in this herb grinder. Marijuana grinders require this kind of magnet during grinding as spillover of the herb is prevented.

The fourth piece of the grinder lacks grooves in the bottom making it awesome. There is very little differences between the black tie grinder and the space case as they all filter quite well.

Another similarity is the fact that both are fitted with an O-shaped ring that is metallic.

Getting keif from this herb grinder is a tough task as it lacks corners that are rounded. 

The teeth: for production of the best herb grind, space case grinders have a large number of teeth in the grinder. The teeth are diamond shaped. It is hard to notice a big difference between the space case and black tie grinders when it comes to the teeth.

The pattern of the hole: The numbers of holes that the herb falls through to the second compartment when it comes to space case are more. Compared to the black tie grinder; more herbs falls through and not as smooth as in the later. Therefore, choosing the texture of the herb purely depends on individual tastes.

Some myths about space care grinders

There are a number of myths about this grinder and you should know them before you make the purchase.

However, they are not mentioned to act as a form of a discouragement to you in case you are considering acquiring this grinder. But rather to help you make informed decisions in your selection.

They include: 

a. The belief that space care grinders are made of titanium- it is actually made of anodized aluminum.

b. A warranty for lifetime 

The space care does not give lifetime warranties on their grinders. Their grinders, however, are among the high-ranging therefore the warranty issue is not such a big deal.

The extras it offers: unlike the black tie grinder, a space case grinder offers very few extras. A guitar pick pollen scraper is the only extra coming with this herb grinder. It has the logo of space care on it. Small as it may seem, it is a great gift for all those who play the guitar.

The value of Space Care Grinders

A space care grinder with a diameter of 2.2 inches costs a whopping $50 to $60 depending on different sellers. This is the double price of a 2.5 inches black tie grinder. A space care grinder will come second in comparison with a black tie grinder with USA being the manufacturer unlike the black tie which is Chinese.

If unable to decide between the two, a black tie grinder is of good quality and is less costly.

Tips when buying: it is advisable to check through the ratings of the seller before making a purchase. Beware of Chinese products. They are both not safe and bear a fake space case grinder.


It is a two and a eighth diameter. By size it is a medium version and is made in the United States of America.

We look closely at what exactly makes it a great bargain and a piece that gives you value for your money.

Features of a Santa Cruz Shredder

· The grin and quality: it is the ideal grinder for those considering the herb grinders for both. It also has anodized aluminum.

· The teeth: these grinders have rectangular pieces with side corners that are sharp in nature.

· The design or the holes. Unlike in the back tie grinder and the space case grinder, the holes are shaped in oval. This allows increased amounts of herb to fall through the holes. The capacity of each specific hole in the herb grinder is maximized. 

Of the three herb grinders, the hole system of the Santa Cruz Shredder is the most preferred pattern of the hole.

· The magnets: two magnets one on the lid and the other on the second piece are available. They attract one another and keep the lid intact avoiding herbs to spill.

The magnet system is therefore not unique to this herb grinder but it is present to the other two. 

· Extras: it is not among the grinders that come with a couple of gifts. The design can be kept at higher quality which renders the unavailable extras a non-issue. 

· It comes in a variety of colors. They include, purple, pink, black, green, blue, gray, purple, Rasta, and pretty much any other color of the rainbow you can think of.


It is noteworthy that most of the herbs grinding machines offer similar qualities as along as it is manufactured by use of anodized aluminum. It is therefore not a walk in the park making the right choice. And this post has that covered for you. 

Our Verdict

Of the three grinders, based on the criterion we established earlier, we objectively give our view on the best grinder. The black tie grinder offers you an unmatched quality and price. It is therefore among the best herb grinders in the whole world.

Among the three, black tie grinder is the only one that offers the most extras, the velvet pouch and the pollen scraper. And they do come handy during the grinding process. 

The customer service in black tie grinders is top-notch, compared to the other grinders. There is positive energy and the willingness to attend to customers queries and address any concerns.

Where to buy Herb Grinder

Amazon is the best place to look snd purchase a good and quality grinder. You will get a the biggeest selection at good prices and fast shpping.

For smokers and vaporizers, finding the Best Grinder for herb, weed and Marijuana in 2017 has been made considerably easier for you. One with the perfect number of teeth, magnets and accompanied by extras should be the ideal herb grinder for you.

Go ahead and make your choice. A toast to your new chapter and experience in herb grinding!