Best Food Dehydrators Review 2018

Before purchasing a food dehydrator, you need to know what it is and precisely what it does. Basically, what this particular equipment does is to keep a constant air flow and temperature. To do this, they will be controlled by a thermostat that monitors the desired temperature.

Standard models also have a fan inside in order to circulate the fresh dry air. If you see a food dehydrator that does not have both of these parts, Almost all food dehydrator reviews strongly suggest keeping those at bay right away.

Features to Look out for when buying a Food Dehydrator

Access to Trays
When you are going to set up the food in your dehydrator, you immensely need to access these trays. Not having any easy access to the trays is difficult and can alter the way you cook your food inside the machine entirely. Access is also necessary when you are checking on your food’s drying process or if you are going to remove the food from inside the dehydrator.

According to food dehydrator reviews, it is best to pick a unit that has been purposely engineered with trays that can be easily pulled out, just like those of a traditional kitchen oven. An advantage that food dehydrators have over traditional ovens is that you do not have to fuss over the trays that are above or below the one that you are presently using.

– Shelf-Tray Dehydrators

This type of dehydrator gives your trays clearance in between them. This clearance is perfect if you want to use your food dehydrator for items that are relatively tall. You just have to easily pull out the tray, the same way you would with a conventional oven.

– Stackable Dehydrators

Stackable dehydrators are perfect for people who are into handicrafts. You can use them for making beautiful crafts, such as dried apple art, clay crafts, dough art, and even make dried flowers in them. Although their trays do not have clearance, unlike the shelf-tray type, they are much more expandable.

Most models come with as much as 10 trays. A great feature of stackable food dehydrators is that you can easily add more trays as you go, depending on your needs. You can even have twice as much trays.

It is a fact that investing in food dehydrator is a very good decision. However, you must pick one that is versatile. Since there are two major types of food dehydrators, food dehydrator reviews have stated that you must know about each one’s function before making a final decision on which one to purchase.

Of course, since you are going to make a relatively hefty investment, it is only understandable that you want this piece of kitchen equipment to last for a longer period of time. You should pick one that has been made with highly durable food-grade FDA-approved plastic.

Since the plastic that is used is approved by the FDA, food dehydrator reviews state that you do not have to worry about the possibility of burning plastic or inhaling plastic fumes whenever you are going to use your food dehydrator.

Why You Should Buy A Dehydrator

This type of kitchen equipment is oftentimes overlooked by many. However, you might be surprised to find out that using a food dehydrator is actually very fun. In addition to that, it also economical and do not carry a price that is as hefty as how much your other kitchen appliances cost. A food dehydrator is a machine for everyone. You can use it for your crafty hobbies or to make some delicious jerky to satiate your long-time cravings for one.

However, before deciding on which particular unit or model to buy, you need to know the exact type that you need. You can accomplish this by doing a bit of research online. You can also scan some food dehydrator reviews that you can see online.


A food dehydrator is a piece of kitchen equipment that extracts the water components within food in order to help in further preserving it. This kind of method is highly helpful when you tend to have huge volumes of fruit or vegetables on a weekly basis. This means this is a very helpful unit for individuals who have homegrown vegetables.

To find out the most-bought and most popular food dehydrator purchases today, you may check Amazon to see their best-selling units.

Top 3 Best Food Dehydrators in the Market

1. Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

This dehydrator has 9 trays with 15 sq ft drying space. The thermostat temperature is adjustable, ranges from 95-155deh1 degrees making it suitable for you to make jerky. The heating element, fan and thermostat are located in the back of the unit, so it works by sucking cool air and then distribute it evenly to each tray after being heated first by the heating element.

The heating system is called Parallex Horizontal Airflow that is already patented and used exclusively by Excalibur. The system makes the food dehydrate much faster, retains the appearance and nutrients, also makes the foods dehydrate more evenly even without tray rotation.

2. Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator

Excalibur 3900B is featuring two Excalibur exclusive, patented technology. The Parallex Horizontal Airflow allowing dehydration process goes faster and more evenly without using the manual tray rotation. This process also retains nutrients and makes the food tastes and looks better. Another patented technology is the Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology.

This is what really separates it from many other dehydrators. The ordinary dehydrator units usually generate constant heat that will cause food hardening; also they dry the surface while leaving the moisture trapped inside. With the the Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology, Excalibur 3900B could adjust the temperature to provide the perfect dryness for the food.

3. Nesco Snackmaster pro food dehydrator

Nesco Snackmaster comes with adjustable thermostat, temperature ranging from 95-160 degrees. This providesbest food dehydrator flexibility in producing the best food dehydration results. It runs on 700 watts of electricity equipped with top mounted fan, providing suitable power to dehydrate jerky, vegetables, and fruits quickly with good quality.

The exterior design will avoid harmful lights from destroying the nutritions in the dehydrated food. It features the patented Converga Flow drying system, this mechanism will force the air to go down the exterior pressurized chamber, not through the trays to avoid flavor mixing and also to provide faster drying. The unit includes original jerky spice, 2 fruit roll sheets, 2 Clean-A-Screens, and 5 drying trays.