Best Cruiser Bikes Review 2018

Cruiser bikes are in demand today as most people are enthusiastic about riding bicycles. The cruiser bikes offer comfortable rides irrespective of the type of road or street you are riding in. It is very important to choose the best cruiser bike to meet your requirements. Hence, some of the best cruisers bikes have been listed below.

1.Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys Cruiser bike for men

If you are on the lookout for a cruiser bike to ride on distinct terrains with ease, you can certainly consider the cruiser bike from Mongoose. The tires are designed in a manner that offers traction and stability. You can experience the comfortable riding position. Some of the features of this cruiser bike have been listed below.

  • Oversized beach cruiser tires measuring 26”X 4”
  • Frame with cruiser design to make the riding clear and successful
  • 7 speed gear option with beach cruiser pedals and piece cranks
  • Wide wheel set and disc brakes


2.Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike for men

The cruiser bikes from Firmstrong are designed to create the best experience for riders. The bikes are manufactured to make the riding and rolling on paths, streets, and broad walks smooth. This is an ideal choice for riding regardless of the environment and weather.

  • 26 inches cruiser bike for relaxed and easy ride
  • Durable steel frame and aluminum wheels
  • Large seats with double springs for additional comfort


3.Sixthreezero In the Barrel Cruiser Bike for men

If you want to go for a fun ride with friends in the afternoon or anytime of the day, the cruiser bike from Sixthreezero is the best choice to make. The gear systems are not complicated unlike other cruiser bikes which make this bike different from others.

  • The steel frame comes with forward pedaling option
  • Rubber block pedals for added comfort
  • Embossed bubble saddle for comfort


4.Schwinn Perla 7 Speed Ladies Cruiser Bike

The classic cruiser bike from Schwinn comes with matching fenders to provide the best ride. There are 7 gears which make it simple to ride in strong wind and up hills without any difficulty. You can get an upright riding option with the help of the sweptback handle bars. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • Fork and frame feature for easy and safe riding
  • 7 speed twist shifters to deal with quick shifts
  • Alloy brakes for sudden stops
  • Best quality padded seat to smoothen the ride


5.Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser Bike for women

The cruiser bike from Sixthreezero ensures that you have a comfortable ride as it offers various features. It provides easy upright riding option in any situation. It also keeps your back, arms, and shoulders relaxed while you take a ride.

  • Comes with fenders and 1 speed steel frame cruiser
  • Rubber block pedals for extra comfort
  • Matching grips and suitable for all weather conditions



These are some of the top models of cruiser bikes that offer best comfort and make your riding fun and exciting.