Best Cordless Drill Reviews – DEWALT DCF610S2 2018

Designed to be used for tight projects, the DEWALT 12v Max Drill/Driver and Impact Driver both host features that encourage easy use. This includes a built in barrel mounted LED feature and a 2 speed gear box supporting a 15 position clutch. The 12 volt drill is capable of delivering 79 foot/pounds of torque and uses 1.1 Ah lithium ion batteries.


Control: Gain more control over your project with the 2 speed gearbox. The DC211S2 is also armed with a 15 position clutch. The drill/driver is designed with an even weight distribution on its frame. This makes it balanced and easy to hold or maneuver during extended or sensitive projects.

Compact Design: The drill design is optimized for use in small or tight places. You’ll find it easy to angle the drill thanks to its short 7 ½ in length. Its light weight means that it can easily be carried in one hand. You can twist and make angled adjustments during a project and still apply maximum leverage, benefiting from the drill’s output.

Performance: The DCK211S2 impact driver delivers as much as 79 ft./pounds of torque and 3,4000 impacts/min. Combined with its 15 position clutch, you can gain better accuracy over your project, adjusting it to fit with the type of application. Loading up bits can also easily be done with one hand. You don’t have to leave the project to have it fit.

Functional: The DCK211S2 is accompanied by an integrated belt clip which makes it easy to carry around. Alongside its 3 barrel mounted LEDs, the lights can also be used in reverse. This provides comfortable illumination in most situations.

Effective Battery: Don’t be restrained by cords. The DCK211S2 kit comes with two 12v slim lithium ion battery packs. Both batteries are 1.1 Ah and can be used for several hours at a stretch. You can switch between batteries during projects while charging each with the accompanied charger. The batteries have a short charge time that ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, ensuring that you always stay powered with no slowdown at any stage.

Warranty: The tools accompanied with the kit are sold with a three year limited warranty that protects them from faulty materials or poor workmanship. They are also sold with a 1 year free service contract which runs from the purchase date.


The DCK211S2 is a 12 volt drill that is powerful enough to be used with woodwork projects. It can be used for socket fixtures, small screwing applications, drilling ferrous metal and installing metal switch boxes. It however is not strong enough to drill through concrete or tiles.


With the DCK211S2 kit, you get high performance tools that can be adapted to a wide range of functions. The kit includes 2 lithium ion battery packs, an impact driver, a drill driver and two belt clips for each. All the tools can easily be carried in the accompanied tool bag. The tools within the DCK211S2 kit are designed to provide reliable results even with tight projects.