Best Cordless Drill – DEWALT DCD970KL Review 2018

The DEWALT DCD970KL is accompanied by a kit containing two XRP Lithium ion batteries that can be charged within 60 minutes. A frontal LED and a 360 degree side handle combine to provide a functional work experience. Some of the stronger points includes its enhanced balance, strong power, speed selector and built in LED. The short length of the DCD970KL makes it easy to work with during extended projects.


Comfortable Handling: Control your projects better with the ergonomic grip of the DCD970KL. The balanced design of the DEWALT DCD970KL makes it comfortable to hold. The balanced handling also makes it easy to control the tool, particularly during sensitive projects. The comfortable grip reduces the resultant strain and risk of fatigue during extended projects.

Functional Design: The DEWALT DCD970KL is equipped with a built-in LED point that is conveniently placed in front. It can be used to enhance visibility during tight spaced projects. Enjoy quality control during projects by switch between applications using the metal clutch ring. The Clutch ring has 18 different settings allowing you to alternative to maximum screw force and the gentlest of touches. The chuck is made out of metal and designed with a tightening feature that constantly tightens it whenever the drill is in use preventing the risk of slippage.

Three Speed Transmissions: The DEWALT DCD970KL is accompanied by a three speed setting that offers flexibility to the user, allowing you to achieve more precise results based on the material. For drilling, the patented transmission offers speeds of 0 -2000 rpm, 0 -1250 rpm and 0 -500 rom for drilling. It also offers 0 – 8500bpm, 0 – 21250bpm & 0 – 34000bpm for the hammer drill mode.

Powerful Motor: The DEWALT DCD970KL is powered by a strong motor capable of delivering as much as 450 watts of power. Combined with its multiple speed settings, it makes it adaptable to a wider range of applications.

Extended Battery Life: Get more out of your drill with its extended battery life. Combined, the two lithium ion batteries provide 40 % more running time than average Ni-Cad batteries. The trademarked XRP batteries can also be used with any other 18-volt DEWALT equipment manufactured since 1996 allowing you to reduce the downtime with your other cordless tools. The batteries can be charged within 60 minutes using the provided lithium-ion charger. The DEWALT chargers packed in the box can also be used to charge old NI-Cad batteries.


If you’re searching for a cordless high performance tool, then the DCDK970KL is a good choice. The box contains two 18v Lithium ion batteries, a 360 degree side-handle, a lithium ion charger and an 18v XRP Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill. The batteries might not be equipped with a power meter, but they make up for this with their high charge and backward compatibility.