Aosom I3128 TV Recliner Massage Chair Review 2018

Aosom I3128 TV Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman-Creme is one of the cheapest Shiatsu massage chairs we have on the list. But can you count on it to give you one of the most relaxing massages you’ll have ever? Or are you going to end up wishing you invested in one of the more expensive units on our massage chair reviews? The only way for you to find out is to keep on reading.

Not Bad. Not Bad At All.

For the price, the Aosom I3128 has a luxurious feel to it. It has an ergonomic and simple, yet beautiful design. This Aosom massage recliner featuers a three hundred and sixty degree swivel base. It also comes complete with a remote control. And if you’re wondering if something so cheap can still have a warranty—well you won’t be disappointed at all. It is backed by a twenty four month warranty.


It has ten massage nodes and a total of nine pre-programmed massage modes available. It also has a heat therapy feature. The Ottoman also has a massage function which can prove to be very useful on the legs.

The instructions that come with it aren’t the best in the world though, so be ready. But when it comes to the overall performance, there is nothing to complain about. It vibrates and it relaxes. However the duration of the massages aren’t adjustable, which is still a small price to pay for something so cheap, and you can always turn it back on again.

Features And Specifications

These are the features that the Aosom I3128 TV Recliner Massage Chair has to offer:

– This Aosom massage recliner has pre-programmed massage modes nine in total and ten massage nodes
– Features heat therapy and a three sixty degree swivel
– Comes with an ottoman and also has a leg massager function
– Upholstery is soft and comfortable with ample padding
– Has a manual brake handle so you can adjust the reclining position
– Weighs 49 lbs.
– Chair measures 44” by 27” by 38”
– Ottoman measures 16.5” by 16.5” by 14.5”

Customer Reviews

Check out what these customers think of the Aosom TV Recliner Massage Chair experience:

“There was a problem with the delivery but they were able to respond to my e-mail quickly and the issue was resolved immediately, which is why I think it is the BEST customer service ever got. I love the I3128 but it is not meant for large, heavy people. But for those who are lighter in weight, this one is perfect for you. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable chair that does the job well.– Shirley

“I bought the I3128 as a gaming chair but it was better than I expected. It wasn’t that hard to assemble either. It’s a great chair. I also use it for watching tv or just relaxing. Good chair for the price. – Jared

We Recommend this Shiatsu Massage Chair by Aosom for people who love getting massages but wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on massage chairs.

Where To Buy The Aosom I3128 TV Recliner Massage Chair

You may buy the Aosom I3128 TV Recliner Massage Chair with Ottoman-Creme on selected furniture stores nationwide.