Aluminum Storm Window Review 2018

Use An Aluminum Storm Window To Reduce Heat Loss

Aluminum storm window fittings are one of the most plausible alternatives to the frighteningly expensive and time consuming process of installing new energy efficient windows. While there is no doubt that freshly installed high quality windows made from modern materials are the best way to improve the insulation of your home, the project is not plausible for everyone. It can be comforting to know that there is a reasonable alternative which will not break the bank, and which will not demand extreme practical skills.

The choice of whether to go for a completely new set of windows, with all of the disruption which this will inevitably cause, or to work with what is already there and use aluminum storm windows, is one which needs careful thought. One of the most important factors is your own intended use for the house in the future. If you are intending to stay there for a long time, and possibly even raise a family there, you will want to think about a new installation and providing the best environment possible. The money you spend will be returned over time as you save consistently on your heating bills.

If you think you may want to sell in a short time, the choice will be harder. A new window installation will add value, but if the home is in an otherwise dilapidated condition, or is in a less than desirable area, there is a good chance that the increased selling price will not be enough to cover the expense of the improvement in the first place. You will also have to put up with the inconvenience of not being able to use the property fully while the work is being carried out. It may be better to invest a small amount of time and money in creating effective storm windows.

If you decide that an aluminum storm window is the best solution for your room, you will benefit from being able to have the installation carried out quickly, and without any need to alter the structure of the property or to interfere with the outside walls. A storm window helps to create a pocket of air between itself and the existing exterior window, adding to the insulating effect of the glass. There is one advantage compared to permanent double glazing, and that is that the storm window can always be removed if the weather conditions demand it.

It is also possible to fit storm windows outside the existing window, and obviously this will require materials which are more hard wearing. Aluminum is ideal for the frame, as it withstands weather damage extremely well. The case for fitting exterior storm windows is that they can easily be replaced when they become worn or damaged, far more easily than a traditional outside window can be. In areas where there is a lot of rain or snowfall, it can be best to let any potentially damaging acidic and polluted water fall on something which is expendable.

The fitting of an aluminum storm window is something which you can take on yourself if you know what you are doing, and have the required tools and skills. This is especially true of you are fitting the window inside, as this will only have the same difficulty level as many other home improvement jobs. Any mistakes which are made are likely to be far less serious as no external walls are being worked with. You can also find local tradesmen who can do the job for you, and finding quality workers is easier now using the Internet. There are many professional installers who can erect an aluminum storm window.