Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak Review 2018

The Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak is the perfect one person, water traversing vessel. Combining the technology of a folding frame kayak with the easy to transport design and capability of an inflatable kayak, this unit will allow you to enjoy the water during an impromptu session, or over a planned weekend outing. Built specifically for maximum trackability and performance, the hull of the boat includes aluminum ribs that create the definition of the bow and stern, allowing you to track effortlessly with each use. Similar to the tracking provided by a hard-shell Kayak, the Advanced Elements inflatable version will allow you to cut through water quickly and efficiently. With its incredibly comfortable, high back support, adjustable and padded seat, you can spend the afternoon on the water without the discomfort harder seats induce.

The Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak provides a ruggedness that will put you at ease, thanks to its incredibly sturdily built composition that contains three layers of double coated, rip stop material that maximizes the puncture resistance of the vessel at all times. There is also ample on-board storage that allows you to plan for extended time on the water. The advanced inflation valves, molded rubber handles, bungee deck lacing and neoprene paddle guard all accentuate the additional features of a D-ring tie down and directional skeg tracking fin. Once you have reached your destination, make quick work of your kayak’s assembly by removing it from the bag, unfolding it, inflating it, attaching the seat and hitting the water!

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak Features

– One Person, AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak
– Bow and Stern are Defined by the Built-in Aluminum Ribs
– Three Rugged Layers of Material Provide Superior Puncture Resistance
– Includes Ample On-board Storage for Longer Trip Preparation
– Comes Ready to Go: Factory Pre-assembled – Unfold, Inflate, and Attach the Seat
– High Back Support, Padded, Adjustable Seat Maximizes Comfort on the Water
– Paddles and Performs Similar to its Rigid, Hard-shelled Counterpart, Only Easier to Transport
– Includes Carrying Duffel Bag, Folding seat, and Repair Kit
– Equipped with Inflation Valves, Molded Rubber Handles, Bungee Deck Lacing, Neoprene Paddle Guard, D-ring Tie Down and Directional Skeg Tracking Fin
– Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
– Product Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15 inches
– Weight: 25 Pounds
– Purchase Includes One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Reviews

One user describes this vessel as being “the next best thing” to a hard-shelled kayak, saying it performs beautifully on the water, while doubling its proficiency with its ultimate portability. He loves the duffel bag for transport, saying he simply tosses it into his trunk to maximize his time on the water.

Another user bought this kayak to improve her upper body strength, and has been overjoyed with the results. She says she is stronger, and has increased her time on the water with every outing, which is easy to do with the help of the comfortable seat that accompanies this vessel. She loves how portable it is, and the fact that she can carry it on her own, jumping into her exercise routine on the water at a moment’s notice.