Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock Review 2018

Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock is made of perfect quality steel which is hard to break even with good bolt cutters. The model is equipped with an automatically locking cylinder which prevents the lock from being drilled or picked.

U-locks are good but keen cyclists recommend completing it by a cable or a chain lock. Cable ones have an edge over the chain locks: they are much easier to store since the cable coils itself – that is sure to save you a lot of time. Cable locks might not be exceptionally effective if compared with some good-quality U-locks for example – but it is their serious and massive appearance that does the trick. If a thief sees your bike protected by steel loops made by Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock he would much rather opt for some other less protected bikes standing nearby.

The steel that the cable is made of will prevent the thief from breaking it. Only a pair of pretty massive bolt cutters and a lot of time and effort might be able to manage the cable.

And when it comes to home use such a cable lock is absolutely irreplaceable – such models are perfect for tying several bikes together thus increasing security. If you choose to carry this lock around you will need to figure out the best way to do this – it is advisable to put it in your backpack – keeping it on a frame might interfere with your movements.

If you ever lose all the two keys which come together with a lock you can order a new one with the help of a codecard you get with Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock. The new key will be shipped straight from Germany where these incredible cable locks are created.

It proves highly effective to use both a U-lock and a cable one together. It might cost you a lot if you opt for the most expensive models in both cases. So if top protection is something you are looking for and two locks is your option then it will be more economical to buy a cable lock of a medium price.


If you want to put on scary steel loops on your bike and make sure that the wheels and the frame are protected invest in Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock. The lock can’t be picked or drilled, the cable is difficult to slice – the thieves in your neighborhood are just not ready for this challenge. Get Abus Cenero 970 Key Cable Bicycle Lock and enjoy the top quality and efficiency a cable lock can present.

Product description:

Cable length: 3 ft 3 in
Cable diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 2.6 pounds + serial number card
Number of keys: 2


Provides protection from drilling and picking
Steel cable is hard to break
Heavy metal locking
Good value for money
Serial number card in case you lose the keys


Not convenient to be carried on a bike frame