Towable Lift Review 2018

One of the biggest benefits of a trailer mounted towable lift for businesses is its mobility. It can cost quite a bit to move a standard lift from job site to job site. A towable boom lift, on the other hand, is perfect for many kinds of service work. The towable boom lift as well as the towable aerial lift are also becoming hot properties in the rental market. Because these can cost a few pennies, most businesses are excited about saving money by just renting the lift for a short time. Others, who know they’ll need it for more than just a few days, choose to save money by buying a used towable lift.

However, regardless of whether you rent, buy new or used, before bringing the towable lift to your business or job site, make sure you have someone there qualified to use it. Make no mistake about it: These lifts, though portable, are not lightweight. Like scissor lift tables, they are heavy pieces of machinery that are safe only in qualified hands. Often they’re used at construction sites, which are already inherently dangerous places. So it’s important that only a qualified person operates the lift.

As you search for the lift that will work best for your project, understand that there are a few different kinds. For instance, the telescopic towable reaches the desired height using its masts. An articulating towable extends the mast by unhinging. Both of these are good for lifting and going around obstacles. These let the worker do tricky maneuvering…convenient for big projects. A couple of other towables are the straight towable, the knuckle towable, and man-lift.

If you buy a towable outright, you can expect to pay a handsome amount of money for it–perhaps $10,000 to $30,000 (less if you buy it used). However, it can be a real investment in your company. The time saved by using this equipment will surely mean bigger profits for the company because you’re using less manpower hours to get the job done.

Some suggested towables: Those in the business of repairing or installing windows on high-rise facilities might want to use a tall stick towable. Those with projects in which the work platform must be regularly adjusted will want to consider the trailer mounted towable. Some highly regarded names in the field include Genie, JLG, and Haulotte. Although in the past and like other equipment like freight elevators, this kind of equipment was usually purchased from specialty catalogs available only to businesses, today they’re much easier to track down. That’s because, as with most other things, you can find the best variety on the Internet.

The bottom line is that the towable lift can be an intimidating purchase to make, even if your business is quite successful. After all, it’s no minor investment, and there is a certain danger factor. However, most businesses which are considering this purchase find it a worthwhile one. It greatly enhances your ability to get the job done with maximum speed and efficiency.