A Review of Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid prices can vary considerably based on a variety of factors. Brand, features, quality of construction, prescription, and a lot of other things can influence how much a hearing aid costs. One thing is sure, though–they are not cheap! But for people with hearing impairments, they are necessary to having a full sensory experience and enhancing quality of life. So before you buy your hearing aid, it’s important to read reviews of hearing aids to determine which ones are best for you and how to find them at the best possible prices. You want to get value for your money!

When it comes to hearing aid prices, digital models tend to be more expensive. However, digital models have a lot of very good things going for them. They offer more precision hearing enhancement, fine tuning with their controls so YOU can determine the sharpness and clarity of the sounds you hear, and their batteries tend to last longer, or even be rechargeable, as in the case of the very popular Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid. This is one of the most popular models on the market right now, because, like the $6 Million Dollar Man Lee Majors played on TV, this model is state of the art. It’s a super value for the price, and you’ll never have to take it in to get adjustments, because you can do them yourself….plus, buying batteries is a thing of the past with this model. The higher price you initially pay for it more than makes up for it in battery cost savings.

Non-digital hearing aids tend to be a bit cheaper than digital ones, but usually not by much. You may save a few hundred dollars on them, but you’ll constantly be having to go to the audiologist to get them adjusted, and any savings you may have had will be erased in battery fees as you replace the batteries again and again. Nexear and Rexton hearing aids have both digital and non-digital versions, and their prices are definitely less for the non-digital versions. However, digital still offers advantages that make it a good buy over non-digital.

The typical range of hearing aid prices is between $300 and $1,000. You should definitely do some shopping around for hearing aids and read reviews of hearing aids, but remember–you get what you pay for. If you want a hearing aid that is going to offer you personal control over your sound quality and won’t cost you much (if any) additional money down the road, you may want to explore one of the more expensive digital models. You probably won’t be disappointed.