Safe Bounce Trampoline Review 2018

Safe Bounce Trampoline may be the cutest description you have ever read! This beautifully and brightly colored exercise trampoline incorporates a brilliant, pastel rainbow inspired design, complete with an orange frame, and blue-knobbed, plastic, non-slip feet that keep the apparatus from moving or scratching your floors. This device was built to help your child, age one and up, develop their strength, balance and coordination while they bounce up and down on the spring-enable trampoline, enjoying the fun of a play zone in their very own living room! It is never too early to encourage your child to exercise, so give them something fun to do to accomplish the promotion. Nothing screams fun like a colorful, completely safe and exciting trampoline.

The Safe Bounce Trampoline promotes exercise at a young age, while empowering your little one to gain the confidence they need to move effortlessly, thanks to the rubber handle bar, which provides a no slip technology to provide a perfect grasp for their little hands. This trampoline is perfect for infants who weigh less than fifty pounds, and is perfectly storable when it is not in use, thanks to the folding legs that will allow you to place it under a bed or in a closet effortlessly. It measures a compact 26” by 26” by 24.5” and weighs less than nine, easy to move about the house, pounds. The pad is sewn into the frame, furthering your child’s safety during use. In case of a spill, the pad will protect them from the frame, while staying put so their little, curious hands cannot shift it from its intended position.

Safe Bounce Trampoline Features

– Infant Inspired Trampoline
– Safe Bounce Trampoline Promotes Exercise and Fun in One Great Tool
– Rubber Handle has a No Slip Grip, Allowing Your Little One to Hang On Effortlessly
– Padded Bumper is Sewn Into the Frame to Remain in its Intended Position
– Rubber, No Slip Feet Maintain Positioning without Scratching Floor Surfaces
– Safe Bounce Trampoline is Easy to Assemble for Quick Use
– Legs Fold In for Easy Storage Under the Bed or In a Closet
– Safe Bounce Trampoline Measures: 26 x 26 x 24.5 Inches
– Safe Bounce Trampoline Weighs: 8.6 Pounds, and Can Be Transported Easily

Safe Bounce Trampoline Reviews

One user purchased the Safe Bounce Trampoline for her daughter when she was a year old, and she is still using it a year later. She says she cannot express enough how pleased she is with the purchase, and would recommend it to anyone with an infant. The exercise factor alone is enough to purchase it, but her daughter also sits on it and plays with her toys, making it the most popular item in her toy room.

Another user purchased the Safe Bounce Trampoline for her son, who has more energy than most children, she said, and this device did the trick in wearing him out. She loves the way he uses it to dance to music, or to show his friends how he “works out” with his mom every day. She has recommended this exercise trampoline to others, and so far knows three other mothers who have purchased it for the same purpose, and they all love it!