ReboundAir Quarter Fold Mini Trampoline Review 2018

ReboundAir‘s New Composite Quarter-Fold mini trampoline rebounder, is quite revolutionary… state-of-the-art and arguably the most portable rebounder ever made.

A firm favorite with top health professionals and traveling physical therapists.

The frame is constructed from the latest composite polymer material, stronger yet lighter than metal, the very same material used in aircraft and performance car engine design.

The Quarter-Fold mini trampoline frame folds twice and fits neatly into a custom carrying case, which attaches to a robust pull dolly… the ultimate in convenience and portability.

As with all ReboundAir mini trampolines you get a LIFETIME all parts unconditional warranty, which lets you know right from the start ReboundAir is serious about the quality and durability of their rebounders!

This is a top quality rebounder, used by health professionals, and not to be confused with budget rebounders, which we simply don’t feature on this site.

The Quarter-Fold uses the same high caliber, wide belly springs as all ReboundAir equipment however the springs are integrated into the frame; hence no need for spring covers…

Built to withstand decades of regular use… Intensively tested at 300lb user weight, the lifetime warranty extends to all users up to 400lb… Not so much a purchase as an investment!

ReboundAir mini trampolines have quite a celebrity following… Clients include…world renowned personal development guru and public speaker Tony Robbins, US Marines (Larsen’s Gym, Virginia), all 20 of Italy’s Virgin Active health clubs, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (Fat Flush For Life), Kevin Trudeau (Natural Cures), Curves for Women Clubs, Prime Time TV shows, The Doctors, Today Show, hit TV show Biggest Loser recently purchased 8 quarter fold rebounders!

Regular rebounding helps: 

– Reduce body fat
– Burn calories
– Firm legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips
– Increase agility
– Improve balance
– Strengthen muscles
– Provide an aerobic effect for your heart
– Rejuvenate mind body and spirit when tired or down
– And generally put you in a great state of health & wellbeing…

The ReboundAir Quater-Fold mini trampoline meets our 3 main criteria for selecting and recommending trampolines on this site:

Quality Safety & Performance


– A super quality mini trampoline
– As used by “Biggest Loser” TV program
– Meticulous workmanship
– Composite polymer construction
– Ultimate lightweight portable convenience
– Lifetime Warranty – ALL components
– Stronger and lighter than a metal frame
– Highly resilient, soft responsive bounce
– Free carrying case and airport dolly
– No assembly required
– Guaranteed up to 400lb user
– Built to endure decades of regular use
– Industrial grade Permatron mat
– Full 40″ diameter
– Fitted legs that unlock and fold for easy storage
– 36 integrated high caliber wide-belly springs
– 10’ rubber tipped legs (won’t mark floors)
– Owner’s manual included
– Weight: 34 pounds