ReboundAir Half Fold|Non Fold Mini Trampoline Review 2018

ReboundAIRBob Hope, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, and former President Ronald Reagan…

What do they have in common? Among other things -The best selling mini trampoline ReboundAir!

This mini trampoline has quite a celebrity following…

Easy to carry, easy to store…. and super easy to use… no more excuses, no more gym, you really can get a great whole body fitness workout anywhere and at a time and place that suites you…

What’s more you can be sure you’re getting a quality rebounder when the manufacturer offers a LIFETIME all parts unconditional warranty!

What I like most about this mini trampoline rebounder is its sturdiness, yet it’s easily light enough to be carried by a single person, and when you’re ready to use it, it just springs into palace, no assembly needed. Comes complete with carry case.

ReboundAIR clients include, US Marines (Larsen’s Gym, Virginia), all 20 of Italy’s Virgin Active health clubs, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (Fat Flush For Life), Kevin Trudeau (Natural Cures), Curves for Women Clubs, Prime Time TV shows, The Doctors, Today Show, and hit TV show Biggest Loser (purchased 8 quarter fold rebounders), and more… world renowned personal development guru and public speaker, Tony Robbins purchased 125 more!

Also available as a standard non fold model (without carry case) with all the same great features… but for a few bucks extra, we believe the half fold is better value for portability and storage…

Regular rebounding helps…

– Reduce body fatReboundAIR
– Burn calories
– Firm legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips
– Increase agility
– Improve balance
– Strengthen muscles
– Provide an aerobic effect for your heart
– Rejuvenate mind body and spirit when tired or down

And generally put you in a great state of health & wellbeing…

This is proof enough for us that the ReboundAir half fold mini trampoline meets our 3 main criteria for selecting and recommending trampolines on this site: Quality Safety & Performance


– A super quality mini trampoline
– Meticulous workmanship
– Lifetime Warranty – ALL components
– Free carrying case with folding models
– Virtually indestructible metal frame
– Highly resilient, soft responsive bounce
– Spring loaded folding legs
– No assembly required
– Guaranteed for up to 300lb user(400lb on ¼ fold)
– Built to endure decades of regular use
– Industrial grade Permatron mat
– Full 40″ diameter
– Baked on (not sprayed), high-gloss enamel paint
– Fitted legs that unlock and fold for easy storage
– 36 high caliber wide-belly springs
– Leather like, superior thickness spring cover
– 10’ rubber tipped legs (won’t mark floors)
– New, safer spring-to-mat connection
– owner’s manual included
– Weight: 34 pounds