Needak Soft Bounce Mini Trampoline Review 2018

100% American made the Needak mini trampoline is at the leading edge in rebounder quality and innovation and is widely known as the “Cadillac of rebounders”

The Needak Soft Bounce R02 is designed to provide a low-impact, high bounce jump experience that affirms Needak’s goal of producing the best mini trampoline rebounder on the market.

The secret to the Soft Bounce mini trampoline… is in the springs. This rebounder has a “jumbo” spring mechanism that produces a more controlled and even descent thus eliminating bottom bounce shock and providing a smoother lift…

– 20-60% additional shock absorption over traditional rebounder springs.

Needak Lifetime Warranty

All Needak Rebounders include a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship…plus 5 years on cleats and springs and 2 years on the matt.

If you’re looking to increase your fitness levels, and at the same time reducing overall body fat with a safe, fun, low impact full-body workout – this may be the perfect exercise tool for you… the health benefits of rebounding are astonishing…

Regular rebounding helps…

– Reduce body fat
– Burn calories
– Firm legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips
– Increase agility
– Improve balance
– Strengthen muscles
– Provide an aerobic effect for your heart
– Rejuvenate mind body and spirit when tired or down
– And generally put you in a great state of health & wellbeing…

Now you can do your work out anywhere at a time that suites you…

Needak Rebounder Stabilizing bar…

Don’t let a balance concern prevent you from joining the fun. By adding the Needak Stabalizing Bar to the Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder you can have the confidence and security you want. This uique bar adjusts to three different levels – one size fits all. Simply hold the bar as you bounce. Needak’s Stabalzing Bar is fully portable. It easily disassembles into 4 pieces which can be stored in the rebounder carrying bag for true portabaility.

The Needak Soft Bounce is also available as the foldable R01 mini trampoline rebounder, for greater portability and ease of storage; it offers all the same great features as the non fold R02.

The only drawback with the Needak Soft Bounce mini trampoline is perhaps its weight, it is a little heavy due to solid construction, but if you’re not planning to move it regularly it’s not really an issue.

The Needak Soft Bounce R02 mini trampoline springs absorb as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce…. it’s a perfect fitness tool for people of all shapes and sizes and definitely meets our 3 main criteria for selecting trampolines for this site: Quality Safety & Performance


– Made in USA
– 40-inch diameter
– Special soft bounce spring mechanism
– Quality mini trampoline for years of active use
– Constructed from 40″ heavy gauge American steel
– Free 45-minute Immune System DVD
– Free Carol’s Health Bounce DVD
– Free book Jumping for Health
– Six steel leg tubes with synthetic rubber tips
– Solid steel platform pins
– Hinges attached with high tech welding process
– Jump Mat made from industrial grade polypropylene (Permatron) fabric
– Baked on powder coat finish in blue or black to complement the jump mat
– Heavy duty edge banding on both top and bottom surfaces
– Replaceable clevis pins
– Synthetic rubber material that won’t mark your floors
– 10″ from the floor to top of unit
– Weight 25 pounds
– 30 day Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty