Mini Trampoline – The Pure Fun; how Fun is it?

The mini trampoline is made for fun and fitness, mostly fitness because, if you have ever tried one, you would know that this is a challenging task. After you have become a pro, then you can have a lot more fun! The mini trampoline is made for adults or young people to train on and sometimes parents will use it to train little ones who are interested in gymnastics. We found the best place to buy the Mini Trampoline – The Pure Fun at Amazon!

Mini Trampoline – The Pure Fun Features

– Mini rebounder 38 inch
– Polypropylene jumping surface, high quality
– Steel legs; padded cover ; covers springs and frame
– Weight limit of 220 pounds
– ASTM, TUV/GS and CE, safety rated

Mini Trampoline – The Pure Fun Reviews

The one common denominator with the mini trampoline that is seen right away in high quality reviews is that people like the fact that it is already in one piece. It is padded for safety with pads coverings on the steel and the springs, which are the main points of injury. It is hard to find a negative review on this particular mini trampoline. There was a user or two that said a spring broke pre-maturely. However, not enough to make me think it was the mini trampoline. One has to remember that it does have a weight limit and there are always a percentage of people who will use it inappropriately.

”Good exercise and – very important – mini trampoline keeps the child occupied for hours a day.
Assemble in less than a minute. Mini Trampoline is Highly recommended.”

Another reviewer commented,

“I bought the Pure Fun mini trampoline for my 8 yr old grandaughter for Christmas. I was very pleased with it. It seems to be good quality. My grandaughter has it in their family room for winter. I’m sure she will enjoy it outside this summer. She is having a ball with it. Very Satisfied!!!”

Most of the positive reviews about the mini trampoline are due to the easy assembly and easy-to-understand instructions. The next thing would be, of course, a safe feel of the trampoline’s performance with people of various sizes and fitness levels. This is what makes me doubt that the one-star ratings this got with the people who complained about the springs breaking was due to the mini trampoline being defective.

In fact, this mini trampoline doesn’t even need to be aired-out before use! As far as fitness is concerned, I have seen more positive review than negative ones! It really gives you a great workout!

A little hint about reading Mini Trampoline reviews:

If you want to get the most of reading reviews and really getting the truth about the mini trampoline, listen for the tone first, and then look at the star or point rating. If it is a one star or a five star, it is an extreme. This should tell you one of two things; as in the review for the mini trampoline the reviews with the one star had one particular part in common, (the springs). This tells me that there was a possibility that they were not using it to specifications or there was a defective batch that a few people got a hold of. Now, when you have a five star rating, you can be confident the mini trampoline is just fine. Make sure to see what all the five star reviews have in common.

A reviewer commented,

“When I first tested the mini trampoline, I was satisfied with the bounce. However, not even 24 hours later, while using this product, one of the springs broke! The product is advertised as being able to manage with weights up to 220 lbs. I range between 145 – 150 lbs! I was a little daunted at first but it’s just one spring right? Wrong. Not even 3 days after that, another spring blew off.”

I asked you earlier to listen to the tone of the one star review. The reason is that, if it is more of an angry rant, then it is probably a person who rants. It is always suggested that you look through other reviews of the same kind and better.

Mini Trampoline – The Pure Fun Conclusion

The Pure Fun mini trampoline is just that: pure fun! It is difficult to find a bad review that really meets a stringent investigative review process. It is an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use trampoline.