Magic Circle 16′ Octagon Trampoline Review 2018

A solid US company, Magic Circle have been producing superior trampolines for over 25 years, all designed for the safest of outdoor use with virtually no maintenance for years of safe family fun.

The 16′ octagon is Magic Circles ultimate trampoline comes with the largest jumping surface of all their trampolines and one of the largest on the market.

It is a very heavy-duty trampoline that’s built to last and backed up my Magic Circles 10 year warranty.

Comprising of just 4 top-rails and constructed from 14 gauge steel, 1.9″ in diameter, plus 4 one-piece legs.

The 16′ octagon has 112 springs, 14 on each side. Each side has its own safety pad attached to the first and last spring. You have your choice of purple, yellow or green safety pads.

The jumping mat is sewn from a permatron fabric – created from UV resistant polypropylene yarn woven in a unique pattern to ensure strength and durability.

It has an ironed surface which is smooth and soft to the skin.

The safety pads are sewn from 8 oz. UV protected vinyl with a breathable backing. The protective padding is polyurethane impact foam with a double thickness over the top-rails.

The pads are held securely in place by a spring through a pocket at each end and additional elastic tie-downs to ensure that they are securely held in place over the springs and top-rails.

The Magic Cage 16’ octagon trampoline cage is a fully integrated unit that provides greater safety for you and your family, and is highly recommended.

The safety cage enclosure is made from the same strong polypropylene fiber that the jumping mat is made from, and sewn into the mat to create an integrated unit that allows the cage to move with the mat preventing openings between the cage and the mat where a child might get their hands or feet caught, providing a significantly safer experience.

As you can see Magic Circle put a lot of effort into producing a real quality product that will definitely out last the inferior imported models.


– 14 gauge steel frame 1.9″ in diameter
– Flo-Coat finish protects frame from rust
– 8.5″Galvanized steel springs
– UV resistant mat
– Up to 450lb weight limit
– 8 oz UV protected vinyl safety pads
– Multi piece colorful safety pads.
– No tools required for set up
– Warranted to be free from defect on delivery
– 10 year warranty on frame
– 1 + 4 year warranty prorated for springs and mat