Kids Trampoline With Enclosure Review 2018

Kids Trampoline With Enclosure is a perfect way to allow your kids the joy of a trampoline in the back yard, while maximizing their safety during its use. Give your kids the gift of exercise, wrapped in an entertaining bow, with this seven and one half foot sized barrel of excitement. Whether this is their first trampoline or their tenth, the incredible design includes a patented enclosure system that will keep your kids from falling to the ground after an errant bounce, or combination of tricks gone wrong. With its easy to assemble design, and easy to transport weight of less than thirty eight pounds, you and your kids will be bouncing with great joy in no time. Simply pick a spot in your yard, and get ready to jump yourselves silly all day and into the night.

The Kids Trampoline With Enclosure is comprised of forty two pieces of 5.5 inch galvanized springs, complete with a unique top rail system that makes assembly a breeze. The all steel frame is galvanized, rust resistant, and held in place securely by the “W” shape legs that provide maximum stability during use. The exclusive over and under spring design provides a soft bounce while equalizing the frame torque. Enjoy the perfect bounce while maximizing your exercise routine, or while perfecting your daredevil side’s acrobatic routine. The reinforced POD sockets, also called the Big-T Connector, will keep the trampoline balanced, steady and perfect for use by children and adults alike. Once the trampoline is assembled, simply let yourself in to one of the two zipped openings located within the safety net, and enjoy a guarded romp on this playful and exciting apparatus!

Kids Trampoline With Enclosure Features

– Kids Trampoline With Enclosure is a 7.5’ Kid’s Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
– Bounce is Made Possible from Forty Two Pieces of 5.5″ Galvanized Springs
– Brilliant Design is Easily Assembled, with its Unique Top Rail System
– Steel Frame is Galvanized and Rust Resistant
– Sturdy “W” Shaped Legs Provide Stability to the Construction
– Kids Trampoline With Enclosure has an Exclusive Over and Under Spring Design Provides a Soft Bounce, while Equalizing Frame Torque
– Reinforced POD Sockets, also Called the BIG-T Connector, Introduce Balance for Even Set up and Enjoyment
– Kids Trampoline With Enclosure has Two, Zipper Entries on Each Side of the Enclosure
– Total Weight: 37.5 Pounds

Kids Trampoline With Enclosure Kid’s Trampoline Reviews

One couple purchased the Kids Trampoline With Enclosure Kid’s Trampoline for their daughter, to promote daily exercising. Not only did it encourage her to exercise more, but they have both been using it daily as a rebounder, which has helped them tone their overall body, while keeping their daughter’s weight in check as well.

Another purchaser bought the Kids Trampoline With Enclosure Kid’s Trampoline for her kids, who she admitted get very little exercise. Now they use the jumper every day, and she can tell a great difference in their energy levels, as well as their increased metabolism. With the new found energy, each have started playing sports, and have turned their stagnant lifestyles into activity filled days and weekends. They have both become more fit with its use, and she can tell a huge difference in their confidence levels.