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S9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

Product: S9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

Manufacturer: Jura

Dimension / Weight: 15 x 13.5 x 13.8 inches / 41 lbs

Jura builds the best coffee machines. There are many competitors but Jura always rates at the top of the list. That’s because Jura coffee machines are built to near commercial standards.

The S9 Automatic Coffee Center has the capacity to handle a small office with many different users. Its a true one-touch brewing dynamo with a 96 ounce tank and a 14 ounce stainless steel milk container. The S9 even has a warming function that warms the cups.

The S9 One Touch Automatic coffee center has adjustments for coffee strength as well as size. The frothXpress Plus system automatically steams or frothes the milk. It has an 8 ounce bean container that automatically measures the beans and alerts you when it is low. The S9 also has a conical adjustable grinder for preparing the beans exactly the way they should for the ultimate coffee experience. It even boasts as CLEARYL filter system to take the taste out of treated water and reduce the need for scaling the machine.

S9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center Reviews

The reviews of theS9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers mention excellent cups of coffee and the relative ease of use. They like the ability to brew two cups at the same time. Many commented on the sharp good looks of the S9 Coffee center.

The few poor reviews mentioned problems with the machine initially. Unfortunately complicated equipment like the S9 One Touch Automatic Coffee machine do not always travel well and occassionally don’t perform as expected out of the box. Some problems such as low temperature can be addressed by reading the manual and setting the machine for high.


XP7230 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


Product: XP7230 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Manufacturer: Krups

Dimension / Weight: 12.5 x 9.5 x 14.2 inches / 16 lbs

The XP7230 Compact automatic espresso machine is a small format machine that takes up only half the space of most other coffee machines. It has new patented technology that combines the thermal block, brewing system and hydraulic jack into a single component which allows for its smaller size.

The XP7230 features a commercial grade conical grinder with 3 different settings to vary the taste of the resulting coffee. The machine is controlled from an attractive touch screen that makes brewing the perfect cup of coffee easy for even the novice.

You’ll get barista quality results from the XP7230 espresso machine at an affordable price compared to other machines of this quality.

XP7230 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

The reviews of the XP7230 Compact Fully Automatic Espresso Machine are mixed. Although it brews delicious coffee when it works, there seems to be mention of reliability problems. Two of the owners mentioned having to send the machine back to the manufacturer on average once a year. This seems to high for an expensive machine like the Krupps XP7230.


XP9000 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Center


Product: XP9000 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Manufacturer: Krups

Dimension / Weight: 18.8 x 11.5 x 14.8 inches / 31 lbs

The XP9000 Super Automatic Coffee Center is a solidly built professional quality espresso machine. It features a removable 80 oz water tank. The heating element is smaller than many at 1200 watts.

The over-sized display has two lines of text to alert you of what is happening as the machine works. It has a removable drip tray that is monitored by the system and alerts you when it needs to be emptied.

The conical grinder has 4 settings. There are 4 settings for 4 options for espresso, hot water, steam, latte and cappuccino. It is also possible to bypass the automatic settings to customize your coffee experience.

XP9000 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

The reviews of the XP9000 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine are 66% positive. People love this machine. They boast about its ability to prepare perfect coffee drinks time after time. Those that love it consider it to be reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Ironically the people who gave bad reviews complain about the same things the people who love it like. Many claim it is unreliable after about 18 months which could point to maintenance problems. Espresso machines are complicated pieces of equipment and do require regular cleaning to continue to work properly. One complaint centered on the top-fill design, which could be a problem if it is installed under a cupboard.