Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review 2018

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine bears a classic design which you can never find in other espresso machines. Mixed with the latest technology, this can be the machine that you’re dreaming of to provide you with a hot espresso in the morning or during your free time. The design is simple yet very presentable that you can make it one of your decorations.

Just by looking at its specification and capacity, you can use it for commercial purposes to cater several cups of espresso in a school canteen or the office. Reviews from users will tell you how this machine can serve for a long time; some of them were able to use this machine for more than a decade.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Features

Design – the physical appearance is so pleasing that you will never get bored of looking at it with its brushed stainless steel. The glossy chrome color will highlight anything beside it. Among the reviews that this product received, its design is the very first aspect that is being appreciated; it is eye-catching and fashionable in any sense.

High-Power 17.5-Bar Pump – to produce a smooth crema at the top, this pump is just perfect for the job. For quick warm up, Gaggia 14101 has a high-voltage boiler which can save much of your time waiting for the water to get hot. And for its temperature stability, it is built with portafilters and grouphead that are made of chrome-plated, marine-grade brass.

Hot Water Dispenser – its functionality does not end up being an espresso or coffee maker. It is also built with a hot water dispenser for people who would want to prefer tea over coffee, or for those who prefer to drink instant coffee. The dispenser is an added feature that you can barely find in other machines of its category. So, this can be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a machine that can serve other services than what is expected of it.

Cup Warmer – just like the dispenser, this feature is another added functionality that you can never find in modern-styled espresso machines. This is very useful to, at least, keep your drinks warm even if you wouldn’t touch just yet. Other people like to drink their espressos that have cooled down a bit, so the warmer can serve its purpose by allowing warmth so as not to make the coffee cold enough.

Removable Water Reservoir – it has a 72-ounce water container that you can detach easily should you need to fill or clean it. The reservoir is large enough that you don’t have to fill it in almost every time you make several cups of coffee.

This classic-designed machine made by Gaggia is the answer to your coffee needs or to your coffee business. Again, Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine is designed to cater commercial or personal needs for a very affordable price. If you are planning to buy a coffee maker, this espresso machine is worthy to be on the top of your choices; it offers all that you may need from an espresso machine.

People are talking about the Gaggia 14101 Espresso Machine:

Jason – Be your own barista:
I started my espresso machine search with a review in Money magazine (of all places). In that article, the Breville 800ESXL was top rated, with the Gaggia Classic coming in second. The article rated the espresso quality of the Gaggia as better, but gave the top rating to the Breville based on the combination of quality *and* the fact that it cost about $100 less than the Gaggia. I jumped into Amazon to see what others said about the two machines. What turned me off about the Breville were the negative reviews about how the filter kept clogging, and how one person was ditching this machine and going to the Gaggia. As luck would have it, at that moment, the Gaggia machine was on sale on Amazon, by $100! So I get the machine that got the better all around reviews, for the same price as the other…a no brainer!

I’ve been very happy with the Gaggia. I admit that I’m still working on the proper mix of coffee grinding and tamping pressure, but right from the first cup (which had a perfect head of crema), I’ve been encouraged to expand my knowledge of the “science” of espresso, and feel that this machine is the right one to perfect my technique with. Unlike the Krups, this is a serious machine for people who *really* enjoy a good cup of espresso. It’s like the difference between people who “live to eat” vs. people who “eat to live”. If you’re just looking for a cup of strong coffee, throw an extra spoon of instant in your cup before you put the boiling water in. If you savor the intense taste of a perfectly brewed shot of espresso, stop here, do not pass “go”, buy this machine.

One heads up; the written instructions pretty much suck, so make sure you pop the c.d. into your computer first, and view it beginning to end…before you even start pulling all the parts out of the box. And in case you’re scratching your head wondering why they didn’t give you a power cord, it’s inside the water reservoir.

Charlie – Best Espresso Machine Under $1000
I went through about 10 different espresso machines and finally concluded that the Gaggia Classic is the best one for under $1000. I had gone through 2 KitchenAid Pro Espresso Machines and they both broke. I then exchanged it for an automatic Jura-Capresso and that got clogged. I exchanged that for a Breville espresso machine but that exploded in my kitchen. I also had a FrancisFrancis! but it could not keep up with my 2 cappuccinos a day routine. The La Pavoni Europiccola manual espresso machine looked cool but burnt the espresso everytime. I finally bought the Gaggia Classic and was completely surprised by the power it had to blast through fine espresso & its quick start up time.

This machine has a higher wattage pump than all the others in this price point. Which I think helps a lot. It’s easy to clean, easy to fill with water, and I suggest steaming the milk without the provided plastic tube. THE GAGGIA CLASSIC PRODUCES CONSISTENT ESPRESSO SHOTS EVERY TIME! I know what I am getting every morning and don’t have to waste coffee to get that perfect espresso shot.

Just thought I would share since I bought and used about 10 different machines and finally landed on the Gaggia Classic. You won’t be disappointed.