Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline Review 2018

The jumpsmart trampoline is unique in a number of ways, beginning with its triangular shaped design. In addition to serving as a coordination and exercise promoting toy, it doubles as a learning and entertainment center! This brightly colored learning center is a perfect indoor trampoline for kids, or great for outdoor enjoyment, allowing your little one to bounce effortlessly along with the five-in-one, multigame electronic sound system. Keep your kids captivated with learning by counting along, correlating rhythm with music, enjoying different animal sounds and committing them to memory through a matching program.

The Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline combines the design of a bicycle or tricycle, thanks to its two handles for stabilization and motion control, with the always fun and exciting trampoline bounce. The brightly colored bumper pads surround the frame to provide a safe bounce with each use. Allow your child the ability to exercise and learn under the guise of playing and bouncing, with this easy to assemble trampoline, which is perfect for kids three and up. With a weight limit capacity of eighty pounds, your tyke will get years of use out of this device, prior to passing it along to a younger sibling. This trampoline is easy to store when it is not in use, thanks to its triangle design, it will fit effortlessly under a bed, or in a closet, until your little one is ready to bounce and learn again. This apparatus measures 37.8 x 35.5 x 42.8 inches, and weighs 17.6 pounds, for easy transportability.

Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline Features

– Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline is Brilliantly Designed, Children’s Triangle Shaped Trampoline
– Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline is Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use
– Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline has a Two Handle Design Mimics Bicycle or Tricycle Handles
– Vibrantly Colored Bumper Pads Promote Safety, and Are Easily Wiped Clean with a Cloth
– Five-in-One Electronic Entertainment System Provides Education Lessons in Counting, Memory, Music & Rhythm
– Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline Promotes Coordination and Exercise
– Recommended for Ages Three and Up
– Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline Measures: 37.8 x 35.5 x 42.8 Inches
– Weighs: 17.6 Pounds, Providing Maximum Portability
– Maximum Weight Capacity: Eighty Pounds

Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline Reviews

One purchaser bought the Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline for her two year old daughter, and she absolutely loves watching her bounce up and down to the music. In addition, it has helped her count consistently, as well as learning additional animal sounds, both of which can easily be activated by the buttons on the handles bars. Her daughter jumps on the trampoline at least once a day for an extended amount of time, which wears her out completely before her naps. She would recommend it anyone who has a toddler, saying it is a perfect addition to any toy room.

Another user purchased a Diggin JumpSmart Kids Trampoline for her son, who absolutely loves hanging onto, what he calls, the “handle bars” while he jumps up and down to the music. She says it has expanded his interests incredibly, and has improved his coordination immensely. She considers the trampoline his favorite toy, saying no matter where he is, indoors or out, he wants to take the apparatus with him. She loves the idea of him getting exercise without even knowing it.