Cellerciser Half Fold Rebounder Mini Trampoline Review 2018

The Easy-Bounce Cellerciser (with balance bar) is not a hard bounce rebounder, it’s low impact full body workout can burn over 700 calories an hour, reducing fat, building muscle and providing a whole host of related health benefits… little wonder it’s a favorite with health care professional’s athletes, fitness trainers and celebrities… the secret to Cellerciser‘s success is in the springs…

The TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED springs are produced via the latest micro-computer auto-control machinery and adjust automatically dependent on user weight, making it perfect to share…

A 100 pound person will utilize the center portion of the spring and second tier, a 200 pound person will advance to the second and third tier, and a 300 pound person will use more of the third tier… providing a great stable user experience…

The mini trampoline mat is pretty special too, manufactured in the United States, its a high quality space age material. Each polypropylene fiber is put under nearly 200 tons of pressure and then put through an oil drum bath at over 200 degrees resulting in a texture that feels great under your feet… The fabric will not stretch out and offers great support… a great quality piece of equipment…

Regular rebounding helps…mini trampoline

– Reduce body fat
– Burn calories
– Firm legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips
– Increase agility
– Improve balance
– Strengthen muscles
– Provide an aerobic effect for your heart
– Rejuvenate mind body and spirit when tired or down
– And generally put you in a great state of health & wellbeing…

Now you can do your work out anywhere at a time that suites you…

The Easy Bounce Cellerciser mini trampoline is a perfect fitness tool for people of all shapes and sizes and definitely meets our 3 main criteria for selecting trampolines for this site: Quality Safety & Performance


– Super high quality
– Half fold for portability and storage
– Free carrying case, rip-stop nylon similar to parachute material but thicker
– Balance bar included
– Free DVD, exercise chart book and booklet intro kit
– “Easy Bounce” – not too soft or too firm
– Superior quality hi-carbon steel wire Triple-Tiered springs
– Springs adjust to user weight automatically 100- 200- 300 pounds
– Reinforced artificial leather durable spring cover
– Polypropylene fiber UV resistant mat made in the USA
– All steel construction with superior “electro-plating” finish!
– Weight 41 pounds
– 5-year warranty