Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline Review 2018

This jr is the perfect way to get your infant involved in exercising at an early age with his first trampoline. Building your little one’s interest in movement and activity while they are young is a great way to keep them healthy throughout their lifetime. Promoting strength and balance, this miniature trampoline will allow your small child to bounce up and down effortlessly, while hanging onto the stability bar. The handle is easy to grab, and is comprised of a padded, no slip material, so your child will feel confident while bouncing up and down on their very first trampoline.

Vibrantly colored, and constructed with no slip feet, your baby doll will be captivated by the excitement of this apparatus, while your floors remain unscathed during its use. Adding a safety component to the excitement, there is a built-in pad that encompasses the frame of the trampoline to soften any inadvertent tumbles during use. The pad is sewn in to the frame, keeping in place while your child jumps safely within its confines.

The Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline has a weight capacity of up to fifty pounds, and is a perfect tool to aid in your child’s coordination building skills, while they enjoy the full blown fun of bouncing up and down. Perfectly designed for children age one an up, this fun-loving device will help you child build their strength no sooner than they are able to walk. This exciting toy measures 26 x 26 x 24.5 inches, and weighs less than nine pounds, so you can move it from room to room, providing the versatility of use no matter where you are inside or out.

This jumping novelty is easy to assemble, and even easier to store when it is not in use. The legs of the Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline fold in effortlessly, and the handle is removable with a quick click of a button, so you can place it under a bed, in a closet or simply behind a door until the jumping fun begins again.

Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline Features

– Vibrant Colored, Brilliantly Designed Trampoline for Infants
– Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline is A Perfect Exercise Opportunity Disguised as a Jumping Novelty
– Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline has an Easy to Hold, No Slip Handle
– Fully Padded Bumper is Sewn into the Frame to Insure it Stays Put, Providing Maximum Safety
– No Slip Feet Keeps the Trampoline in Place During Use, While Keeping Floors Unharmed
– Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline is Easy to Assemble, Stores Away Effortlessly While Not in Use
– Product Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 24.5 Inches
– Weight: 8.6 Easily Transportable Pounds

Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline Reviews

One mother purchased the Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline for her daughter’s first birthday, and she absolutely loves the confidence it has given her, as well as the coordination capability she has assumed since its use.

Another user bought the Alex Jr. Jumpin’ Jr. Kids Trampoline for her two year old to help increase his balance. She could not be happier with the result, or the amount of time her son uses it. She loves that it promotes a combination of fun and exercise at the same time, and has recommended it to each of her friends.