8-ft Trampoline with Enclosure from Pure Fun Review 2018

Trampolines offer an effective and fun way to exercise for both adults and children. They are, however, not indicated for children younger than 3 years of age and ASTM recommends that only children of 6 years and older use them. When looking to buy a trampoline, safety is of paramount importance. Pure Fun is a leader in the trampoline industry and is well known for quality and safety. The 8-ft Trampoline is very popular in the US due to its small size and is a good start for beginners.

The Pure Fun 8-ft Trampoline features galvanized steel frames with no weld construction and resistant to rust for a sturdy and durable frame for outdoor use. Patented T-joints help minimize stress on the joints. Its legs have a W shape for better contact with the ground at 8 points. Better contact allows the 8-ft trampoline trampoline to stay stable and not move during bouncing. High performance steel springs with thick padded spring covers provide deep bouncing with a larger landing area for added safety.

A polypropylene mat with UV protection covers the 8-ft Trampoline. The mat is seamed with heavy-duty stitching and multiple rows of stitching so as it does not rip from the frame. The mat is durable against weather elements and features thick foam rail padding for extra safety.

This 8-ft Trampoline has a maximum allowable weight of 175 pounds. It comes with a safety enclosure for extra protection and safety. The enclosure keeps children safe when bouncing but also keeps them off the trampoline as there is a zipper that can be locked by parents.

Pure Fun trampolines come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. They are easy to assemble without tools or drilling. The Pure Fun 8-ft Trampoline fulfills safety and quality standards. It is sturdy and durable but competitively priced to other brands. We found the best place to buy the 8-ft Trampoline with Enclosure from Pure Fun at Amazon!

Pure Fun – 8-ft Trampoline with Enclosure Features and Specifications

– Galvanized iron steel construction with no welding and resistant to rust
– Patented T-joints for durability, stability and prevention of trampoline movement
– Legs ensure 8 contact points with the ground in a W shape for added stability
– Easy to assemble without tools and drilling
– Limited manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years
– Included safety enclosure for added safety; enclosure is zipped open for easy entry into the trampoline area
– Meets ASTM, TUV and GS standards of quality and safety

Pure Fun – 8-ft Trampoline with Enclosure Reviews

The 8-ft trampoline is one of the smallest sizes for outdoor use. It is a good choice if backyard space is limited. It is also one of the most affordable options for a trampoline with an enclosure set. There are reviews that state that only one child can jump at a time. If children are very young, then it is possible to have two jumping at the same time. For safety reasons, however, it is strongly recommended that only one child jumps at a time despite the size of the 8-ft trampoline. Since the 8-ft trampoline sits closer to the ground than other large trampolines, it is easier for young children to jump inside.

There are some good reviews and some not so good reviews about the Pure Fun 8-ft trampoline. Due to its smaller size, less steel tubing is required for the supporting frame and the tubing is not very thick. A common compliant is that the poles of the safety net are flimsy and can bend very quickly. There are reports that poles have bent and broken after only few uses. Broken poles are a safety hazard. In a few cases, the trampoline has become not fit for use and in another case, the poles were reinforced with additional steel rods by the owner.

Below are some reviews from the consumers.

“We’ve had great fun with the 8-ft Trampoline(purchased June/July 2010)! We did notice the poles were bending and had to halt play until they could be fixed. My husband inserted some long, steel rods into the poles in order to reinforce them. For that, I’ve docked a couple of stars. Otherwise, I do not regret this purchase!”

” The 8-ft Trampoline is a very dangerous product. The Poles for the “SAFETY” net break if you fall into them. My child actually got hit in the head by a pole when it broke and had a huge scratch across his face. My children are 3 and 4. I do not recommend buying this product.”

“We set up this 8-ft Trampoline in decent time…two of us in about 1 hour, but after 1 day of jumping my 7 yr old son had bent two of the four side poles beyond repair. The metal used for the structure of this 8-ft trampoline is barely thicker than a soda can…I am not kidding. One errant bounce and couple of pulls on the netting is all it took for the poles to bend, kink and then rip in half. Replacing the poles of the 8-ft trampoline has been fruitless. ”

Pure Fun – 8-ft Trampoline with Enclosure Conclusion

The 8-ft Trampoline is a good buy for those with space constraints. It is an affordable option with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is especially suited for younger children and beginners. There are, however, some reports regarding bent poles of the safety net and one should do some research to evaluate multiple brands for their 8-ft trampoline.