12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Set from Pure Fun – Review 2018

A 12 ft trampoline is an ideal size for a mid-sized backyard as it provides all the benefits of a larger trampoline but does not take as much space. This size is the third most popular. The Pure Fun 12 ft trampoline comes with an enclosure net for added safety.

The 12 ft trampoline has more and larger springs than trampolines of smaller size to support the larger mat and more weight. The maximum weight allowed ranges from 220-250 pounds allowing adults to have some fun time in addition to children. The steel tubing that makes the frame of the trampoline is made of thicker steel to support more weight and the frame.

Pure Fun is a leading name in trampoline manufacture and uses patented technology for the structure of its trampolines. The steel tubing used to support the frame is made of galvanized iron with a coating resistant to rust and no welding for more strength and durability. T-joints are used to assemble the different parts for added stability and less stress on the joints.

Another feature of the Pure Fun 12 ft trampoline is the design of its legs. They have a W shape and contact the ground at 8 different locations to provide stability and prevent shifting of the trampoline during use. Steel springs are of high performance for deep bouncing. The mat is resistant to weather elements and offers UV protection. It is well sewn to the frame with heavy duty stitching so that it does not teat easily.

The enclosure net provides safety and prevents users from falling off the trampoline and hurting themselves. The enclosure features a zipper for easy opening and closing. It is easy to install onto the trampoline poles with its elastic straps and clamp connectors.

The 12 ft trampoline comes with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and its dimensions are 58 by 20 by 14 inches. Its weight is 50 pounds. We found the best place to buy the 12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Set which is at Amazon!

12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Set Features and Specifications

– Rust-resistant iron steel tubing and no welding for frame support
– Patented T-joint technology for added stability
– Legs of W shape contacting the ground at 8 points for preventing shifting of the trampoline during use
– Weather-resistant mat with UV protection
– Enclosure net for added safety
– Easy to assemble and install
– Limited warranty of 2 years by the manufacturer

12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Set Reviews

Most owners of the 12 ft trampoline find it a good and affordable purchase for their backyard. There are no low ratings of 1 and 2 stars. It is a sturdy trampoline that ensures good bouncing. Most can assemble it in 2-5 hours without any tools or with little use of a mallet. Those who selected this trampoline like its size at the price that it is offered. The size is good for beginners but also ensures continuing use for growing children.

A reviewer commented,

“We love this trampoline! My husband is not a very handy guy. However, he put this together himself in about 4 hours using the helpful hints from customers on Amazon’s website. Very durable and safe. So glad I purchased! Thank you to those who posted great tips on how to assemble.”

The most common complaint is that the manual that is shipped with the 12 ft trampoline is not updated and it is not easy to follow the instructions for assembly. The provided manual is not the latest version and appears not to have been written by a native speaker of English. The most current manual, however, can be found online.

A reviewer suggested,

“I was worried about getting the trampoline together in time for Christmas after reading some of the previous reviews about how difficult this product could be to assemble. However, I found it to be much easier than feared. I do recommend downloading the full manual from the website as suggested because the directions are more complete than what comes in the box.”

Another problem is the padding over the springs that seems not to be thick enough. It becomes loose with use and needs to be adjusted frequently to its proper place. Here is a reviewers comment,

“My kids love bouncing on the trampoline, it is firm and very bouncy. But the padding around the edges is thin and the covering is loose, it reminds me of a camping tarp with some foam inside.”

The 12 ft trampoline is an excellent size for children 11 years and younger. As children grow and become taller, the enclosure net may not be high enough for them. An online review noted that while it will prevent them from falling off, their head is above the net when they are jumping. A larger size trampoline might be better for teenage children.

12 ft Trampoline with Enclosure Set Conclusion

The Pure Fun 12 ft trampoline is an affordable purchase for those looking for a mid-size trampoline for their backyard. While there are some drawbacks with its padding that becomes loose and is non-user-friendly manual, it offers quality and durability up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is a feature that one cannot find easily with competitor brands.